Sangh Parivar

Rashtriya Svyamsevak Sangh (RSS) has no relation with this website "Sangh Parivar". We are the volunteers of RSS and love Bharat Mata from the innermost core of our heart. Hence, this website is a platform for RSS volunteers to better aware of RSS ideologies and propound them all around the world. We are also here to propose and share our invaluable views to bring back the glorious past of Bharat Mata, earlier acclaimed as "Jagadguru (World Leader)" and "Golden Bird (Sone Ki Chiriya)" and the essential steps to be taken in this direction.

Why Sangh Parivar?

Driven by the mantra of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam (The entire world is a family)", Sangh Parivar is a platform for RSS volunteers spread all around the world.


Sangh Parivar

Sangh Parivar aims at taking the initiatives to ensure the service of Bharat Mata irrespective of any creed and caste, religion and Panth. Even crossing the national boundaries, we are committed to serve the humanity on the soil of foreign land.