Dr K Prabhakar Rao

How do we make people not to vote for Congress party?How can we do this.Present govt has been facing all charges of corruption and nepotism.It has goofed up everything as per facts revealed from time to time.

There are several reasons for returning congress party to power by Indians on many occasions. these are:-

1. Indian society is divided on basis of various castes creed, religion, region, language and beliefs.

2. Gandhi MK inspired leadership brought freedom to this nation as believed by many people. the old generation has died. But this has been thrust down the generation after generation through schools and much canvassing etc. Real guys are forgotten.

3. Yeras of preaching of Buddhism non violence by Buddha has sapped Indians of all energies, nationalism and spirit.

4. The preaching of Karma siddhantha in Hindu scriptures has major influence on Hindu society. People believe all things as a facts of life and as ones destiny. Others cash on this.

5. Money and liquor and women also play great role in politics and influencing people at all levels. Electorate are directly influenced by wealth and material and wine. They are lured by all political parties in some way or other.

6. Threats and fear also affect the voters.Goondaism is not controlled at villages.In fact anti socials rule India at every place.

7. All criminals are patronized by political leaders. In fact today it is easy for a criminal to rise to political power at all levels.It isa fcat that many corrupt leaders are occupying important and some ministeriial positions at different levels.

8. Minorities never mix with main stream and they play divisive politics. Appaesement goes on endlessly.

9. Those in power use all methods to remain in power although theya re exposed and face court cases.

10. In India parliament is ultimate.Thus when we elect shady men based on above parameters the Institutions become redundant. It is like Police man becoming a thief.It is like a compound wall eating away the cultivated field with in. In India situation is exactly like this.

11. political parties are opportunistic and play only such politics. None of them is nationalistic .

12.The ruling governmnet has no shame in using police forces to crush peoples genuine agitations to their benefit.

In this condition how baba Ramdevji will overcome these hurdles?

Efforts can be made in the directions such as :-

a. Conduct awareness campaign year round the clock throughout the country

b. Younger generations is most imporatnt. They have to be taken in confidence and motivated to bring a change.This we have seen in Anna hazares agitation

c. Minorities have to be taken into confidence. There are many good people among them too as seen in recent struggles.

d. We have to prescribe limits for terms and age for various positions. This is important. there will be big opposition for this from elders as they will be affected most.

e. Constitution is required to be redefined as this has to be brought in at all costs.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

---------------- Note: Content of this blog post is writer's personal opinion and may not be or Sangh's view.