Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India suddenly needed heart operation while he was PM during his previous tenure The gentleman had undergone a successful bypass surgery at the best hospital and by the best team of doctors at the best point of time. Every one in the country is very happy about it.Why not? He is a distinguished man from the field of economics in the world. When he fell sick and needed the operation, the problem of taking care of the government was a most important consideration. He was indisposed for some time and needed rest. It was thought thatit could take a month or two even, to enable him to return to the job. The question was who would be the safe bet for those crucial days. There were some senior leaders in the cabinet who could be entrusted with the duties of acting PM in the absence of Dr Singh. The name of Pranab Mukherjee automatically comes out for such position. He is the most able and competent person and has proven capabilities as per many. Even at the time of death of Indira Gandhi his name was heard as a most possible candidate for the post of Prime Ministership. But somehow that could not happen? Rajiv Gandhi was already there as the rightful candidate to the throne for a dynastic succession. Sanjay was already not there who died in air crash in Delhi. How can any other person out of dynasty of Nehru could become the Prime minister when some one was there even when he is a suckling? In past during the days of kings, the infant child of the dead king was put on throne and a regent was arranged. This happened in Hyderabad ( Deccan) when Nizam V Afzauddaula died and his son Mir Mahboob Ali Khan was a minor. A regent was appointed by the council under the supervision of British resident and rest is history. Mir Mahboob ali Khan grew and became a loveable and has gone down history as the most benevolent ruler of Hyderabad

Mukherjee was kept at long distance and Rajiv was pushed- in who was a member of parliament at that time although he had no great experience in the field. One good point in his favor was that he was handsome and youth liked him. As it is, Indian youth are exhausted of seeing tired looking old faces at the helm of affairs. They welcomed Rajiv for a change. change. Poor Mukherjee had to sulk in despair and for some time he went into oblivion.
Present top brass of congress party is very much hesitant to designate Mukherjee as acting PM in the absence of Dr Singh. They gave him additional duties and gave the authority of running the show to the cabinet and vice President. Finance ministry was to be taken care- of by Mr Mukherjee. Credentials of Mukherjee are well known and he is very much respected as a very seasoned leader with proven abilities and maturity although at present the ideas are changing.. It is sad that luck was not with him and in the melee of dynastic succession at the time of Mrs Gandhi’s death, he missed the train. The leadership was scared that if Mukherjee proved himself as a stop gap acting PM, which he would surely do, he would be probably projected as a serious contender soon. throne The chances of Rahul Gandhi who is being prepared to take over as PM would be thus be jeopardized. What a sad state of affairs indeed in a democracy titled as for the people, by the people and of the people by the peers who could not imagine that such things could happen in India. Their souls must be surely crying and beating their chests and crying".... Mera Bharat.. Mera Bharat..nahee rahaa mahaan." It is worthwhile to recall the role of Late Mr Gulzarilal Nanda a true Gandhian as acting PM on two occasions. He came on the scene as a care taker PM and handed over to the real one and vanished unsung and un heard. Only such guys were needed in politics. Poor guy was forgotten and was also seen going on bicycle on the streets of Delhi pushed from pillar to post and lived in miserable conditions. Probably many of his colleagues and juniors would have passed him on motorcades in Delhi not even paying glance at him. If he was in the cabinet now, surely he would have achieved the hat trick.

Rahul Gandhi was systematically inducted into politics step by step and who would refuse such offer when one knows that the country is being offered to be ruled in a silver plate. Dynastic card over rules everything in India whether it is a state or center. Efficiency, education, maturity and worthiness are no criteria when one has the card and stamp of dynasty and some one is there to pull one up. In democracy, every one has equal opportunity to contest, win and achieve positions. Rahul also has the right to become PM. But this is not a straight game. Few souls control the party and everything whirls round the dynastic succession. In this murky game of politics even matured and highly experienced stalwarts of the party make statements that the prince is the only one eligible to become PM and it is time he is introduced while the real PM is already in the chair alive and kicking. It is also too sad when such statements were made when actual Singh was going to operation theater where he had to battle with life. There is no dearth for such sycophants in every party. Finally Mukherjee also would realize the naked facts and reconcile to his future and hopes to become Vice President or President at some point of time if he continues to be a yes man saying yes sir..yes sir three bags full. None for me and all for my master ... Good luck to him. It was also reported that if Rahul was reluctant to climb the throne being a wise man , Priyanka should be inducted to keep the dynastic rule in process. There is no dearth for sychophants in the party. Every one knows that Congress party gets votes based on Gandhis name and not on credentials and work. Therefore all the guys who want to taste power as some minister, highlight the dynasty so that they are given some spoils after victory.

It is very correct to recall a statement made by AP congress President Botsa Satyanarayana recently that Jagan the rebel from Congress party who parted ways and established YSR congress was very eager to become the CM of AP after his fathers death as his real successor. He said that politics are not meant for dynastic succession. He must know that those who stay in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Every one knows what is going on in Congress party and who would be projected as the PM in future if they win ballot next time. This is doubtful after the recent discredit they got with unearthing of scams and public reaction after Annas agitation. Anna also would fight for electoral reforms soon. The country has woken up. Staying in congress party, Botsa has no right to speak about dynastic succession. It is like demons reciting Vedas. In nutshell, Indian democracy has become solely for some, by some and of some people. God bless the nation.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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