Prof Dr Colonel (Retired) K Prabhakar Rao

Ph D ( Engineering), Ph D ( Political Science), Ph D ( strategic studies)

After emergence of Al Qaeda in the world and WTC 9/11, a new threat has emerged on the scene. It is Euro Islam. The charge of Alqaeda’s slain chief terrorist Osama bin laden released as written document before attack on USA ( 9/11), blames American hegemony and for maintaining military presence in Middle East. He blamed USA for the present ills plaguing the Islamic society. The consequent network of AlQaeda and it’s inspired terrorists have spread world wide with AlQaeda centers operating clandestinely in various countries including USA.

Islamic societies world wide are plagued by fundamentalism and the clergy leaves no stone unturned in stoking the embers in the Friday speeches at congregations for Namaz and Muslim youth greatly are inspired by the Wahaabi inspired Jihadi talk and tread on wrong track of flaming embers. They are unable to realize that only death, destruction, shame, social hatred, humiliation, failure, annihilation and complete disaster awaits them at every inch on this path. However, many are inspired by the religious talk of martyrdom and consequent assured attainment of paradise where they would enjoy all pleasures in the company of hordes of virgins awaiting them in heavens offering all types of heavenly pleasures that they probably could not dream of while alive. For Muslims, religion is the most important and ultimate out of everything in the world and politics and religion are twisted and twined together like a Manila rope and can not exist separately. Turkey is the only exception in the world. Yet, it is not out of internal troubles and is condemned by the fundamentalist Muslim States in Middle East who can not digest liberal western style governing in Turkey. The mullah dominated and juhadi inspired other Islamic countries world wide are surely daggers drawn at Turkey that was transformed into Western style functioning by Ata Turk also called Mustafa Kemal. Europe has sizeable strength of Muslims. Islam initially invaded Spain in Europe from Morocco that is separated by narrow Mediterranean straits of Gibraltar and occupied the country. Many Spaniards were converted to Islam. Churches were demolished and mosques were erected. However the tide reversed and Muslims were driven out by Francs in bitter wars. The eight centuries of Moorish rule ended in 1492. Mosques were reconverted into Churches and some demolished. Bitterness however remained. In recent times, notorious international criminal and mastermind of WTC 9/11, Bin Laden also gave a call for reoccupation of Spain calling it an Islamic land. The Jihadi fundamentalist Muslims suffer with severe heart burn for the loss of Spain that was once occupied by Muslims nearly 1300 years ago. Other Muslims in subcontinent are also not happy that Mughal rule in India was terminated by the East India Company long ago. In recent times, Spain was subjected to acts of terrorism. Madrid bombings in trains are examples in which many innocents died. There is a strong concentrated effort by the terrorists to create problems to Spain. Islam recommends Jihad as religious sanction for liberation of all Muslim lands occupied by Kafirs (All those who are not Muslims). Infact, Student Islamic movement of India (SIMI) an outlawed organization claims India to be a land of Muslims as it was ruled by Muslims till Europeans took over. Therefore, they justify Jihad in India. Unfortunately, Muslims forget that their religion is only 1500 years old while Hinduism and Christianity and an offshoot of Judaism are much older and the corresponding lands were ruled by those who practiced these religions. Muslims thus have no locus standi.They can not claim to me masters of these lands. Fundamentalist Muslims are making concentrated effort to re occupy Spain.
Muslims are found in sizeable numbers in Europe. Following are highlighted (1):-

STRENGTHOF MUSLIMS IN EUROPE _______________________________________________________________________
Country Total population in Millions Muslims in Millions
Albania 3.1 2.2
Austria 8.2 0.34
Belgium 10.3 0.4
Bosnia 3.8 1.5
Denmark 5.4 0.27
France 62.3 5-6
Germany 82.5 3
Italy 58.4 0.825
Macedonia 2.1 0.63
Netherlands 16.3 0.945
Serbia (With Kosovo) 10.8 0.405
Serbia (Excl Kosovo) 8.1 1.8 (Kosovo)
Spain 43.1 1
Sweden 9 0.3
Switzerland 7.4 0.310
Turkey 68.7 68
UK 58.8 1.6
As per Robert Leiken writing in Foreign affairs, Radical Islam is spreading across Europe among descendants of Muslim immigrants. Disenfranchised and disillusioned by the failure of integration, some European Muslims have taken up jihad against the West. They are dangerous and committed -- and can enter the United States without a visa. The mass immigration of Muslims to Europe was an unintended consequence of post-World War II guest-worker programs. Backed by friendly politicians and sympathetic judges, foreign workers, who were supposed to stay temporarily, benefited from family reunification programs and became permanent. Successive waves of immigrants formed a sea of descendants. Today, Muslims constitute the majority of immigrants in most western European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, and the largest single component of the immigrant population in the United Kingdom. Exact numbers are hard to come by because Western censuses rarely ask respondents about their faith. But it is estimated that between 15 and 20 million Muslims now call Europe home and make up four to five percent of its total population (2).Many are probably not loyal and are inspired by Jihadi philosophy.
The involvement of a growing number of African nationals particularly from Algeria in terrorist activities in North America and Europe has raised questions about their exact motivations and objectives. On balance, their activities do not represent a straightforward externalization of the long-running dispute between the Islamist opposition and the military-backed .government in their native country Algiers, in which violence is used in pursuit of specific political demands. Many Algerians persecuted by their government have taken asylum in west such as in UK and Canada. Some have been brought up there. Rather, the Algerian nationals in West involved appear to be inspired by a set of broader, more vague but also more absolute grievances against the West and its perceived attacks on Islam that are shared by organizations such as al-Qaeda (1). Thus involvement of Algerians abroad is due to inspiration by Al Qaeda. They appear to have fallen into the trap of anti west hatred. The acts of terrorism appears to be more inspired by the theological misguided cause, of- late abetted and much more dangerous to the society and world peace than an organized internal resistance by radicals and fundamentalists through terrorism against Government at home seeking a change.
Prominent French analysts regard the links between the struggle in Algeria and Algerian terrorism overseas as rather loose. They argue that the terrorist phenomenon represented by Algerian nationals – and European citizens of Algerian descent – arises out of these individuals' fraught interactions with European societies and their consequent radicalization in Europe, the US and Canada, rather than from more traditional 'Diaspora' concerns that concentrate on conditions in the homeland. This has been described as a kind of 'Euro Islam' – namely, the growth of a utopian, 'universalized' Islamist vision not confined to recognizable borders but based on an aspirational urge to create an Islamic order wherever Muslims are oppressed or subjected to western strategic interests, most immediately defined as those of the US. European Muslims are increasingly getting motivated by fundamentalist ideology and seek Islamisation of Europe. There is a beeline of Muslims from UK to visit Pakistan and other African Nations from where they could easily go to Terrorist centers. The arrest of European nationals of Pakistani origin in the conspiracy to blow up the America bound air crafts a year ago in London is akin to this phenomenon. Of late many Pakistani nationals settled in UK have turned hostile to the country and have been arrested for plotting terrorist activities in UK. There are two particularly illustrative examples as quoted by International Institute for strategic studies (3). Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian national, was arrested on the Canadian border in mid-1999 driving a car carrying explosives intended for use in an attack on Los Angeles International Airport on 31 December 1999. As a junior member of the Algerian Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) who left Algeria soon after the military crackdown against the FIS in 1992, he fled first to Europe and then Canada. There he was indoctrinated by Islamist circles in Montreal and sent to a training camp in Afghanistan. Djamel Beghal, a French citizen of Algerian descent who was arrested in France in July 2001, was identified after a return flight from Afghanistan. Under interrogation, he made statements – later partly retracted – confessing to having coordinated an al-Qaeda cell in the Paris region with the aim of blowing up the US embassy in Paris – the same plot for which Algerians Baghdad Meziane and Brahim Merzouga, arrested prior to 11 September in Leicester, were sentenced to 11 years' imprisonment in the UK in April 2003. Recently terrorists of Pakistani origin tried for London blasts have been sentenced to forty years of imprisonment.
The recent attack at Glasgow air port in which a burning Cherokee jeep was crashed into the airport terminal has come as bolt from blue to the Indians who were basking in the self glorified secular practices and mutual brotherhood. Some of the accused who were arrested are Indian doctors and Engineers. Kafeel Ahmed who studied Engineering at Bangalore in India masterminded the plot, rigged up the explosives and initiating devices and drove the Cherokee Jeep in to the air port terminal. The computer hard discs recovered by police at his house revealed that he was constantly browsing the internet for the techniques of making bombs and to cause explosions. He was developing the syringe type of initiating the explosion in vehicles. The device used in the Cherokee jeep on the fateful day did not explode and the vehicle got engulfed in flames and he was burnt 90 % in the vehicle when he was arrested. His accomplice and brother, an Indian Doctor practicing in London was arrested who ran out of the jeep with intention of preventing police. They have studied higher education in India and were pursuing further higher studies and profession abroad. Hanif Ahmed another Indian Doctor and a cousin of Kafeel Ahmed practicing in Australia is at present under custody and has been charged for abetting the Glasgow terrorists. Sympathy wave is built up for this person in India. He has been charged by Australian police for handing over the SIM card of his cell phone to the terrorist brothers. Can we believe that he had no clue of things happening? There is a great sympathy in India for this person and it is being widely argued that he is being detained without filing any charge sheet. There are numerous guys in Indian prisons who are being held without filing a charge sheet. What about them? Why this great sympathy for a guy who was accused of abetting terrorism internationally? Many are of the opinion that this is an appeasement tactic to pacify local Muslim population in India. The guy was finally released and sent to India. Probably he would not be return to Australia for the job. Although he has been released he would be under watch for many years to come.
These persons were misguided Muslim youth and are being linked to AlQaeda organization. What a disaster and disgrace? (4) At various forums Indian leaders declared thumping their chests or bosoms like Tarzan (Comics hero by Edgar rice Burroughs) that Indian Muslims were not suspect and were akin to holy cows. To be more liberal, now although all the Muslims are not suspect, a section has already brought disgrace and shame to the nation internationally by resorting to terrorist actions in UK identifying with Euro Islam. Probably, India would be seen as the exporter of terrorism a new credit in international arena. Who will believe now Indian Muslims without suspicion? There will be always a probing eye on them. All these years, India has been considered as the exporter of technical man power to west and also a country targeted western targets in India that is much easier with the type of security and loose that has been suffering terrorism.. This sympathy now would vanish. Indians were considered brainy. What a fall now? Now it would be seen as the exporters of educated terrorists from professional field too to practice Euro Islam in the present context (5).
What made these educated Indians such as Muslim Doctors and Engineers to target western establishments in far off land from India? Why they have not attacked western interests in India with a lack luster administrative chaotic set up in the country, which could have been much easier? Obviously, the section of Muslims in India too is inspired by the clergy and believes that they should do some thing to destroy west that is seen as the biggest villain and enemy of Islam. Any terrorist act done in United Kingdom and America would draw world attention and be seen as a significant achievement. India is a country with limited global interests. It has no global intentions and capabilities either and by and large plays safe like a cat on wall with Islamic causes. At all world forums India backed Muslims as the country has sizeable Muslims. Yasser Arafat who can be called the father of terrorism that he unleashed during his struggle for Palestine shared common platform with Mrs Indira Gandhi the former PM of India during certain summit. His actions of terrorism was overlooked nd aws probably appreciated as freedom struggle against Israel. India was never a dominant, assertive and global power. It was always vacillating; indecisive and meek in its approach in dealing with terrorism and confronting neighbors. They have submitted meekly to foreign invaders and suffered subjugation. It’s people are more interested in doing jobs in other countries, take part in drama, dance and music than holding a sword to colonize other lands.
India is the most worried country in the world when it comes to deal with Muslims whether its own or from other countries. It does more chest beating and propagates self proclaimed missions and MK Gandhi inspired sermons of peace. It has been unable to take tough decisions against this community even when national security was at stake and country was disintegrated in 1947. Certain people of this community made comments amounting to treason that were against national policy and interests of the country. In any other country such persons would have been tried for treason and sent to long term prison or even gallows summarily. In India, secularism is generally believed to be identified with persecution of majority community and endless appeasement of minorities. India has sizeable Muslim population whose elders chose to stay in India after voting for Pakistan in 1947 and India does not want to do any thing that could hurt sentiments of Muslims and that would probably hurt the peaceless ever wandering and and eternal restless hovering soul of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Father of nation) deprived of life by Nathuram Godse many years ago immediately after partition. It is unable to hang the anti national terrorist Afzal who engineered the attack on Indian Parliament few years ago (6). It has let off some Muslim terrorists on the pretext of good conduct in Andhra Pradesh obviously after having been influenced and to be goody and nice to minority community who was imprisoned after court verdicts and they again were involved in terrorist activities. These men were responsible for killing a Police officer of IPS (Indian Police Service) cadre in a shoot out in Hyderabad city. In a country like England, the punishment for killing a police officer is always death and is implemented ruthlessly while in India the offender got Scot free. These Muslims who have global terrorist interests have no interests in India to attack western interests and find it safe haven for their nefarious activities. They prefer to target bigger fish like England and USA in their own lands while being calm in India and making it a good base for nefarious activities. Euro Islam thus too has found a base in India. The myth of terrorism emanating out of poverty has been thrown out and educated youth and professionals too are inspired by the clergy and they see Islam to be in danger and consider America, England and other Western countries as the greatest villains on the earth and attribute all causes to West. Thus Euro Islam has become greater threat in the world.
The point to note is that wherever Muslims are present in sizeable numbers (even in Europe) there is a strong scope for trouble as they are much more vulnerable to propaganda, inspirational speeches, intolerance and rise of fundamentalism. They identify themselves as separate identity by sporting beards, Taliban type turbans, Pathan kurtas, achkans, Chudidar (tight) pyjamas, loose short pajamas, long loose shirts, Burqas, veils, chadars ( Shawls), Sherwanis ( Long tight collarless coat) Fez caps, Turkey caps and white laced skull caps. They prefer not to mix up with general society by and large and withdraw into their fox holes. Religious closeness results in rise of inevitable fundamentalism and bigotry in such communities and present world events are the real proofs (7). Although many European and American Muslims are reportedly peace loving and do not subscribe to the views of Osama Bin Laden, there are many who do subscribe to such extreme views and larger peace loving community is always disturbed by such short sighted fundamentalists till they are put to rest. Euro Islam drifting towards terrorism has become a greater threat particularly in Europe and needs to be curbed with iron hand. The liberal policies of west have been misused by the immigrant Muslims and their offspring. On the contrary, Islamic nations are closed to outsiders and do not extend same liberties or facilities to those from outside. In some of these nations, either one has to convert or die. They are not tolerant to other religions in their lands but expect that others should tolerate them. Infact Wahhabi thought propagates that others have no place in the world.
There is a definite need by European nations to make immigration more difficult and fool proof to prevent entry of unwanted characters and fraudulent people, even if they are highly qualified being professionals in to their countries in search of education, jobs, research, business and other activities where they indulge in nefarious activities and spread religious hatred. Myth is now blown up that highly educated and professionals would not subscribe to terrorism. They could be from India, Pakistan, Banglkladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Middle East and many more countries. Many would be home grown in Europe indoctrinated by the Muslim clergy and suffering mental aberrations and hallucinations towards achieving world Islamic State. However these provisions would cause heart burning to third world countries where every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jack, Jill, Bob and Simson wants to run to UK or America to earn dollars or pounds sterling and get green card, be among whites, marry an innocent white woman ignorant of their real intentions and identity and settle there. Out of these, some surely turn anti west and indulge in nefarious activities and bite the hand that feeds them. Such people should be identified and punished and examples should be made out of them. No other examples are necessary than Kafeel Ahmed and his doctor brother from India who indulged in terrorist acts at Glasgow air port. These men are in no way less than those who piloted the planes and crashed into twin towers in New York killing scores of innocent people. There may be many in pipe line to repeat the acts of Kafeel Ahmed. Who knows? Such people and their accomplices should not be shown any mercy as they are the enemies of mankind. They look sophisticated, stylish, well dressed and posh looking with black hearts.
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dressed in western style, speak English with European or American accent and yet remain fundamentalist in the heart to core and plan death to west.

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Prof Dr Colonel (retired) K Prabhakar Rao

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