Dr K Prabhakar Rao

148.The present youth in India are mostly ignorant of our great past rulers and martyrs who fought tooth and nail against invaders to maintain our identity. In fact in Universities one hardly find students who study history courses. They say '"where are the jObs?" This has resulted in depleting of national spirit among youth. There is a need to build up youth in this direction. most of the Muslims pay great attention to study of Qoran and they are sent to religious schools too while Hindus hardly study their religious scriptures and is limited to few among Brahmins. Unless all sections are aware of their religion present suffering would continue. This is not fundamentalism and is the sacred duty of every Hindu.

149. During the last couple of years, a section of Hindus celebrated Narakasura Jayanathi on Diwali day at Hyderabad. In fcat Narakasura was a demon and was destroyed by Lord Krishna and the day of his destruction is celebrated as Diwali. Caste divisions and perverted thoughts in Hinduism is leading to such ways. In Tamilnadu a section celebrate Rama Dahana on Dassera day. No one questions them. What an apathy among Hindus. Enemy is taking advantage of such divisions.

150. A section of Hindus ( Dalits)in Hyderabad are glorifying Rakshasas of our scriptures and claim that the Aryans who dominated India condemned the native Dravidian kings and heroes as demons and Rakshasas and Ravana is also one among them. They also hold conclaves and misguide their followers. No one has spoken against them for the fear of antagonizing Dalits. Society is thus is split to attain nefarious ends of few individuals.What solidarity Hindus thus can develop and other sections of society make mockery of Hindu gods and goddesses as it happened recently with Akbaruddin Owaissi who mocked at Bhagyalxmi of Charminar.

151.Velama kings of Rachakonda fought Reddy and Raju rulers of Andhra desa in 4 century bitterly due to mutual hatred. Many leaders lost lives. Entire Telangana area became a biter battle ground in which Muslim sultans of Bahmani kingdom were benefited to maximum extent. Velamas lost the power and beacame small time chiefs and soldiers etc and they never became kings later.They had narrow vision too although they were very brave. As you sow so you reap.

152. In Tamil nadu one does not find any sign board in Hindi. They also tarnish all English sign boards on national highways. No one speaks to strangers in any language other than tamil. At one point of time Rama swami naikar also threatened that Tamils would demand secession from India if Hindi is imposed on them. There weere riots too. Lal Bhadur shastri was sent by Nehruji to settle the issue. If this is the spirit in India what can we expect. If people are pulling in all directions there is no end except disaster.

153. Akbaruddin Owaissi has been out on bail from Adilabad jail. He was given a rousing reception by his followers in old city and sweets were distributed too. He was hailed as a Tiger by tyhe crowd. Why the a Swamiji is being still held for hate speech? Law has to be equal to all.

154. Why there are no memorials for Paramveer chakra awardees of Indian defence forces who laid down lives for this country. Even silly leaders have their statues erected in large numbers. Maywati erected her statues in thousands while still alive and in power. Do these military men do not deserve honors and memorials. Why these political leaders do not demand such thins. Of course they are always busy fighting with each other and making money and swindling money.Mother is remembered in pain and a soldier in war.

155. A leader of AIMIM in Hyderabad ( While Akbaruddin was behind bars) insulted Father of nation MKG by stating that why his statue should be erected in Assembly area while the building was constructed by the Nizam 7. Why that person was not put behind bars immediately?

156. India Home minister shri shinde sahib stated that Hindu organizations such as RSS etc are terror organization and to that effect. How sad! Later he expressed regret. It does not go well with him. Obviously he is trying to sell himself for some favours from his party top guys. It speaks poor of him.

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This is nice. I think the

This is nice. I think the idea on this is good. Keep it up. - Rich Von