Dr K Prabhakar Rao

(Nehru, Patel and Gandhi are all looking into a news paper at Tank bund in Hyderabad. Cool breeze is blowing over the lake and from the distance Buddhas statue is watching them with interest.)

Gandhi. What is the important news in this page? Jawaharl lal, please tell me. My eyes are strained. Some insect has fallen into my eye.

Patel. Bhai , Jawahar. Please tell fast. I am itching to know.

Nehru. Bhai Patel, What can be news in AP state! The page is full of news on corruption (sings and does jig after giving paper to Patel)

This state appears to be a corrupt one
Where all are having great fun
Corruption has become a pastime to all
Claims however the government makes very tall.

Gandhi. Good Jawaharlal. It is nice that you are speaking up.

Nehru. I am not a dumb and deaf guy.

Patel. Who said that?

Nehru. No one said that.

Gandhi. What is latest about corruption in this state?

Nehru. I am feeling ashamed to tell you.

Gandhi. But, why?

Nehru. Bapu, The nation which I led after 1947 as PM has sunk into million fathoms deep into a well of shit called corruption. ( Cries)

Patel. Bhai, Jawahar. Please control yourself. You were a brave soldier.

( Patel goes to Nehru and taps on his shoulder and consoles him. Nehru wipes his tears)

Nehru. It is reported in the news paper that a Minister and some MsLA, police officers, Excise officials and some political leaders have taken bribes from the leader of a liquor syndicate. Bribes run into lakhs of rupees. Some are getting on monthly basis too.

Gandhi. Ram..Ram..Chee , Chee, What a down fall!
Patel. Bapu. One has to fall downward only. I do not know why this word, down fall is created. There can not be an up fall.It is enough if we say, “” What a fall!”

Gandhi. This is a good class in English.

Patel. What is happening about these ministers and MsLA?

Gandhi. What can happen. They brush them down and shake the shoulders.
Patel. But The investigating agency put these remarks in the remand report.We have to wait and see.

Patel. They will find ways to wriggle out of this tamasha.

Gandhi. How they will prove. There will not be an evidence for these acts. Money changes hands through middle men in darkness of night.

Patel. Why do you say darkness of night. Night has to be dark?

Nehru. It is a phrase. In day time also darkness can be created in a room.

Patel. Haa..haa.. good.

Gandhi. Enough of Jokes. We are serious at discussion.

Patel. Bapu. These are causing great turmoil in the state. Lot of mud slinging is going on between the leaders and CM and some of the leaders are leveling charges against each other. This has become free for all. What a fall in state! There is no decency. People are wondering what is happening in the state.

Gandhi. Why they should wonder. They have elected these men to watch Tamasha.They have to be blamed.

Nehru. People get govt what they deserve. Entire state has become a shit pot where all are swimming and squirming in the shit.

Gandhi. True , God only can save this state. Throw this paper in to water.

Patel. Throwing paper does not solve problem. People have to throw these leaders out of politics into oblivion.

Gandhi. True.. Very True. Highly true. Genuinely true. Infinitely true.

Patel. Bapu. It is getting dark. Let us go. This is not a good place after darkness.
( The trio walks off)

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