Minoritysm, politics, challenges and remedies.

The question of minorities in Bharteeya society and politics is one of the most complex issues which needs serious consideration and analysis of our history.
Bharteeya society is a wonderful mosaic of various sects, creeds, languages and so on. But amongst all, ‘religion’ plays an important role when it comes to political manoeuvre and social undercurrents. National integrity is also dependent on religious communities and cordial relations between them. Constant strife between majority-minority communities ensures national disintegration. We have had many in our history; one of them was in 1947.
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Your article was good no doubt. But sadly pseudo secularism has done permanent damage to the country.Dynastic policies have ruined us.We are drifting in a sea of chaos without any aim.All sane adise will be like throwing water on buffaloes.How sad is the situation!

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I am thankful for your

I am thankful for your valuable feedback Dr. Rao.

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Dear Vikrambhjau,

There are many articles of me posted on this site on similar content and issues. Sadly readers keep away from expressing opinions on such important issues.Struggle must go on inspite of attitude of readers to spread true message.I am with you