Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Delhi is a city of lawlessness
Where girls get raped day and night
The gory happenings are soon forgotten
While the criminals roam free looking bright

Corruption and scams rose sky high
While some veterans took up the fight
The nation woke up for a while
And again went to sleep overnight

Hazare was seen as a savior
And the youth litup candles everywhere
Alas! The thieves and crooks proved stronger
While those in power danced naked and bare

Hazare is no more in lime light now
And the Baba of yoga is not heard these days
All the cheats are happy at last
While entire world laughs at our ways

Some guys bark hatred at others
While the rulers mostly looked other way
Such guys grew much bolder now
And at last the guys are being asked to pay

The bells for elections are heard at distance
And the heartbeat of the leaders has gone up
The rulers feel that Indians would vote like asses
Having forgotten the scams over tea cups

---------------- Note: Content of this blog post is writer's personal opinion and may not be or Sangh's view.


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This is a very inspiring

This is a very inspiring poem. This is truly informative. Taking our nation for granted is not that good at all since a nation can be called a Nation if the citizens living on it is helping each other to attain success and unity. - JustFab