Dr K Prabhakar Rao

An Indian tank Arjun met a Pakistani Tank Al Khalid at international border during some exercise. Guns of both Tanks were turned backwards.

Al Khalid. Hello Fat Madam How are you?

Arjun. Salam Walekum Khalid Bhai. Kya Baat Hai. Kya Maza aaraha hai.

Al Khalid. Kya Maza hai is garmi mein.

Arjun. Is there no any AC in your cabin?
Khalid. It is there. But heat is very high

Arjun. That is fine. I have no AC. hee..hee. Ou.Ou..Ou

Khalid. Madam I saw you struggling to move. Are you pregnant?

Arjun. How Tanks can get pregnant? They are not live creatures. We are stale.

Khalid. That means you are sterile, another word for impotency.

Arjun. I am not sure. I feel miserable. I feel my own weight. I slog around here and there.

Al Khalid. I feel pity on you. Your guys took almost took forty neras to produce a DODO like you.

Arjun. What is this DODO?

Khalid. DODO means an Australian extincnt bird and it looks like an heavy duck.

Arjun. Yeah. Guys tried to invent newtons law again in India.They experimented with many things and failed.We in India are happy that atlast finally some rolling thing has come out.

Khalid. There is a saying that rolling stone gathers no mass.

Arjun. In my case I gathered lot of mass.on all sides.I have breasts that are lined up from outside with heavy metal.

Khalid. I heard fair sex padding up from inside to boost up breast line.

Arjun. Hee..hee. In my case I have been padded up from outside. I feel I am really pregnant not with one kid, but many kids.Eaxch round inside is a kid.

Khlaid. How many kids now you have.?

Arjun. Hello. That is top secret. I should not give that information to enemy.

Khalid. You are veryclever.

Arjun. During pregnancy women become active and alert.

Khalid. By the by when is your date?

Arjun. Date.. Yeah.. Date? That depends on our relations.

Khalid. What is this relation now? How can we have any relation? I can not cross border. Neither you can.

Arjun. My ability to deliver will be known only when we fight each other that means when we fight a tank battle.

Khalid. In fact we are itching to fight one.

Arjun. I am sure on my side no one is itching to fight.Recently Army chiefs letter declared that India army lacked Ammunition for weapons and preparedness is very bad. How can they fight now?

Khalid. That means you shall remain eternally pregnant.

Arjun. No one on this earth can eternally remain pregnant. One day each one has to deliver. It has to be either normal delivery or an operation.

Khalid. Eralier we used to fight frequently.

Arjun. These are changed times. Last 40 years no tank has fired across the border.I am really getting cheesed off with this heavy burden.

Khalid. It is good to be like this. Some Phoo Phaa will be there about you. If we fight your real worth will be known immediately. Better remain pregnant till you are withdrwan being obsolete. In olden days Sultans used to marry again again whenever their wives became old ducks.

Arjun. Our kings alos did that.

Khalid. It is universal truth for all kings everywhere.

Arjun. All can not be Lord Rama.

Khalid. Very true.

Arjun. Hoi. It is time for me to go. My time to take some medicine is getting ready.Or I shall become sick.I am diabitic too.

Khalid. Oh , How sad?Please go.

Arjun. Bye

( Arjun Tank drives back in reverse gear).

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This is indeed a very

This is indeed a very beautiful story that one must read, though this is a short one, one will get so many lesson in here, fantastic. - Larry Starr Sarasota