Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Kittur is now a small sleepy town in Karnataka located on Bangalore Dharwar route (Bangalore Pune highway). Once it was the capital city of Rani Chinnama (1778-1829) in the early years of19 century that ruled with authority the surrounding areas and was a small kingdom. She has gone down the history of India as a valiant queen who refused to hand over her kingdom to the East India Company as a result of doctrine of lapse that was proclaimed by the English Governor General warren Hastings. She took up arms against the much superior army of Englishmen much before the brave queen Laxmi Bai of Jhansi came on the scene in 1857. She defeated and killed collector Thankeray of Dhrawar ina battle in front of her fort. Some other Englsih officers were also killed.Her name is written in golden pages of Indian history. However she was defeated at the end by the much superior and mightier forces of the company and also bt treachery by some of her naiks and she was imprisoned in Bailhongal fort in Belgaum. She passed away in captivity in course of time. She however never gave up her dream of reclaiming her kingdom till her death. As usual, our pseudo Marxist Government inspired and guided historians running around for decorations, awards, titles and few coppers have been busy glorifying religious bigots such as Mughals, Homo sexual Delhi sultans, Invaders like Ghaznavi, Ghori and other cranky, cruel, eccentric desperadoes, sadists and rapists, abducters, kidnappers from various dynasties as great rulers and achievers of our land and the valor of Rani Chinnamma is limited to few sentences or some abstract reference that goes un noticed. In many books, she does not even figure out. But people of Karnataka are very proud of her achievements and remember her with great passion and reverence. Kittur ceremony is performed every year.

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She is really good and she is

She is really good and she is always be remembered. Keep up the good work . - o2 media