there shud be law, when one converted to other religion- no more previous surname !

when one is converted, they shud not be entitled to keep their surname and name as it gives confusion and drag to controversy in discussion in society and also it means to opportunistic, exploitation of emotion of the former, its unethical too!

sonia gandhi, rahul gandhi or priyanka or so many congress leaders, all r Christians and exploiting hindu surname and name!

if they deliver, they will get voted to win, then why they shud conceal their identity, r they not satisfied with christianity? why this pseudoism?

now a days, hindus r converting to Christianity but not changing the name, they r keeping their Christian Identity hiding in between, such that Amit G. Agarwal, actually full name is Amit George Agarwal!
these greedy people r taking money for conversion, but wants to fool fellow hindus, u cant discuss now any issue publicly , who knew the fellow hindu name holder is Christians or not and u r not going to ask his full name or Religion, in case he thinks u as communal!

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One has always a right to

One has always a right to choose for religion and I think it is a basic right granted by the constitution. - Larry Starr Sarasota

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Very true. In AP state, previous CM who was killed in chopper crash YSRajsekhar Reddy, was a christian, But Reddy causes confusion among people and they think he is an Hindu. Same is the case with his son Jagan Mohan Reddy.Hi smother too has Hindu name. They are not courageous to state their real name and hoodwink people.. There are many people like him. One Chairman of TTD Devastahana at Tirupathi was a Christian and was named Reddy, He was a relative of YSR REDDY. These are just opportunistic leaders fooling and cheating people on the front of religion. Sonia's family is no different as stated by you.

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There are many other characters who converted to Islam to facilitate marriage.Islam prohibits marriage with idolators unless they are converted to Islam.There are some celebrities fooling around.

1. Singer and actor Kishore kumar converted to Islam and married Madhubala. Sadly She died after few years.Kishores faimily never accepted her.

2. Sharmila Tagore the popular Hindi movie herpine married Late Nawab of Pataudi i.e Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi who was Indias Cricket Captain. She converted to Islam. But she never displayed her new identity and prefered her old name and identification or else she looses her image in film world.

3. Actor Dharmendra who was already married with Kids wanted to marry dream girl Hema Malini. It is learnt that he converted to Islam and married her. Yet he is known by his previous name. Not much is heard about his conversion.

There would be many such men and women in India who go about hoodwinking people and they are not faithful to their own religion.

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astonishing, surprising facts- thanks Mr. Rao!

"Singer and actor Kishore kumar converted to Islam , Actor marry dream girl Hema Malini..converted to Islam,"- astonishing fact, both the facts were totally unknown to me, thanks for this information! this facts has immensely surprised me! i will get more news about it!

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thats why, Pancha buthalu(air,fire,water,sky,land) killed YSR !

Pancha buthalu(air,fire,water,sky,land) killed YSR. please check, all these were involved in YSR accident. Reason : the roman catholic christian Y Samuel Reddy tried to defame Lord giving only two mountains to TTD and remaining to Govt. he planed to construct church in one of the five mountains. Open fact..he looted jewels and crowns of TTD..with help of his realtive (some reddy what u mentioned) who is TTD chairman at that time.

now his son jagan is also doing the same, misleading hindu with his 'reddy' title, yesterday , Y S Jaganmohan Reddy's visit to Lord Tirupati Venkateswara temple was embroiled in a controversy following allegations that he did not give a mandatory declaration to the authorities despite being a non-Hindu. Being a Christian, he hould have given the mandatory declaration during his visit on Wednesday to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, which manages the affairs of the shrine, that he had faith and respect for the Lord but he had no respect to Tirupati and hindu as he had just come there to hoodwink fool hindu voters and cheap publicity! sad part is that, hindu is still not realising their enemies as they r not grouped and no body is openly telling revealing this concealing of name fact to them!

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YSR met doom at that hands of Pancha Bhoothalu

Very correctly brought out. When YSR died in chopper:
a. He was flying in sky in the chopper. Thus sky was involved
b. The chopper flies by virtue of displacement of air over aero foil whirling blades. Air is thus involved.
c. There was rain and it was severely cloudy. So water was involved.
d. When the chopper crashed after hitting trees and plunged onto ground breaking into pieces thus ground was involved.
e. The broken chopper caught fire and thus fire was involved.

Pancha Bhoothalu killed him as believed by many for his acts of attempted desecrating Tirupathi of Balaji.