Dr K Prabhakar Rao

Recently certain news were revealed in media about Late Arjun singhs writings that were published after his demise as per his wish.He expressed that PV Narsimha Rao former PM vehemently objected to making Sonia Gandhi as Congress chief after the sad killing of Rajiv Gandhi.When Sonia Gandhis name was mooted, Sri PV remained silent for while and then he blasted out. "Is it necessary to tag Nehru Gandhi family like a railway bogies to congress party? Are there no other guys around ?" Words to that effect were blasted out by him. Arjun singh and some others present were shocked and remained silent. However after some time,Sri PV cooled down and said whether Sonia would accept it. Poor PV is not being left in peace even in heavens by the clumsy leaders now staying in hell. He can not defend himself now. Arjun singh had no guts to publish his views when he was alive. He is akin to over glorified Abul Kalam azad the first education minister in India who also wished that his memoirs be published after his death. They had no guts infact and ran after offices and power. Are these leaders? These are opportunists and fit for spoon race.Another guy like Sitaram kesari was prostrating in front of Great Amma Indira Gandhi. He acted clownishly. There was no dearth for such stooges in congress party and things are no different even now. Only names have changed now. Characters remained same. However men like PV are missing in congress party.It is no surprise that PV was sidelined and shown disrespect by congress party. He was refused funeral at Delhi and his body remained half burnt on the pyre at Hussein sagar roadside at Hyderabad for many hours and the photograph was even printed in news papers.What a shame indeed and how bad are the selfish leaders. But sri PV did remain cool and calm and maintained his wit even on the death bed.Every one is a Nehru- Gandhi spoon ( Chamcha) in Congress party. Otherwise, he can not exist.Right from the top executive to the Darwan hequality has remained same and they lack self pride. Then what we can expect from them? We need leaders with character and pride and self honor. A person like Netaji Bose rattled entire nation and British Empire in his days and continues to inspire generation after generation. We need such men and not Bhajan masters and ritualistic Charkha spinners and back stabbers.

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Definitely he is right and I

Definitely he is right and I know there many out there who are more capable than them. - All State Van Lines Relocation