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Hindus have been betraying their own cause from time immemorial. They have not learnt from History and they would never learn too. This is not something new. Minorities unite at call of religion. They go berserk and take to streets violently too most of the time. They feel proud in doing it. Hindus have no such sentiment. They are timid and self centered.They look other way. Religion does not bind them. This is because Hinduism is not seen as a religion but as a way of life. There are hundreds of Hindu sects ( If not thousands) and all have their own Swamis or gurus who do not agree with each other in most of the issues. They are like a cat on wall. Every one sets up a great ashram that floats in wealth. They move in AC cars and aero planes. A swami who is no more now even slept on a golden cot and stored lot of gold in his room. Yet they go around as ascetics. Some great men like Prime ministers even fell at their feet. What a fallacy indeed!The guys who got berths in the cabinet rush and fall at the feet of such men. There is no religious unity among Swamis. A naked truth it is. Pseudo secularists grow bold at this state and play with Hindu sentiments and appeasement of minorities. They arrest, intimidate and humiliate Hindu religious heads, but dare not touch a similar one from a minority community. Shahi Imam of Jama Maszid made anti Indian statement when Taliban attacked Bamiyan Buddhas and govt swallowed it and took no action. He grew much bolder. Muslims refused to sing Vande mataram and this has been swallowed too. The truths of Shah Banos case of Rajiv times is well known. So, Hindus are destined to suffer humiliation and have been severely exploited from many years. Political parties divide Hindus and rule. Like fools, Hindus fall a prey and elect the same rotten political stuff every time. Infact all rotten materials and garbage are required to be destroyed and discarded at the earliest or else disease would spread due to breeding of germs and bacteria etc. The political leaders in India are completely rotten and what we see to day is a testimony.The bacteria generated by them has engulfed the society. It is high time the electorate discard these rotten politicians amounting to garbage and throw them in dust bin at backyard at the earliest. But we have failed to do so as Hindus do not have unity and hence we suffer.

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will hindu's learn from the past

Dr.Prabhakar garu, your blog is good in a sense giving the overall picture of the hindu's in the country and it badly needs a strong leadership now, who dont mind to show their hindu face rather than hiding their dharma behind the name secular. I think you need not get disappointed if u cant see any comments from people.. and ofcourse the count of total read is 200 now show;s that its doing well..;)) all the best forrest of your works and we expect more critical analysis from you..Keep going.. !!Bharath Matha Ki Jai!!

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Will Hindu learn from history

The view of the writer are thought provoking We need a social transformation. I think this can be done only by an organization like RSS. How can it be done. It is quite easy For this visit www.breaktherule.in

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True. RSS probably is the only organization that can do something in this direction inspite of its failings. But sadly it has lost it's moorings. It is drifting away from it's aims like a lost ship and it also trying to play safe and safe guard it's existence from the official pressures and targeting. They conduct many conclaves and meetings.They appear to be happy with their own voices and photographs and media reports. Final Outcome appears to be dark and dull without clarity. Leaders are busy in their own games and the party has failed to revitalize the Hindu masses. Hindus are completely on defensive now and are scared lot. In this scenario, can we expect some thing from them? Only those who take some risks would flourish and succeed. Those who play safe like cat on wall shall remain behind and would be lost into pages of history.Hope it will have some introspection before it vanishes into oblivion.

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I am happy a reader has time and interest to post a reply and comment. May god bless him

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So many posts have been written on this site
Most of them have gone over the readers skulls
Many hours of day and night vanished in this effort
While the stuff posted remain as treasure in sunken ship hulls