UnIndian Bollywood and Love Jehad

     Lets face it. The films do sway the generations. May it be Prithviraj Kapoor or Ranbir Kapoor, Babita or Kareena, Rakesh or Hrithik,Asha Parekh or Aishwarya, from Ashok kumar to Amir khan, from Sanjeev Kumar to Shahrukh Khan, saifoo etc etc., all have a huge fan following. To add pepper to the mint, they are not only adored, they are imitated. In trends, styles, hair dos, attitude and in LIVE LIFE STAR LIKE !!

It may be a pluralistic industry. So what if they chose the partners of their choice, so what if they ditch their man/woman more often than not, so what if they cross all barriers of culture, nation and nationality ??

Yes, here is something that go unnoticed. But have swayed over the younger generations through the times.

What`s the crux? Its the Inter religious tie-up and the subtle way of dealing with the subjects, that contradict or disagree with the Indian values.

Sunil Dutt and Nargis (Sanjay Dutt), Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azim ( Shahid Kapoor), Asha Parekh, Mahesh Bhat, Nagma, Shivinder Singh and Rukhsana Sultana(Amrita singh, Ex wife of Saifoo), Uttamchand mohanchand and Jaddanbai(Nargis)
. Actors having Hindu father and muslim mother.

Now lets start the vice versa..i.e, Hindu mother and Muslim father. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore(Saif Ali khan and Soha Ali Khan), Zeenat Aman, Reena Roy to name a few.

 The dawn of new era has seen Saif Ali khan marrying Amritha singh, divorcing her, dating Rosa, dumping her and now seeing Kareena, a Hindu Lass. Sallu, the list goes like a Hanuman tail, right from Somi ali, Sangeeta Bijlani, Raveena, going hayware with Aishwarya Rai and now for the time being with Katrina kaif. Amir khan married his next door girl Reena Dutta(again a Hindu kudi), divorced her and his second victim is Kiran Rao. The King khan, Shah Rukh is knotted with Gauri, Arbaaz(brother of Salman) with Malaika Arora, Zayed Khan with Mallika, Sohail Khan (another brother of Salman) with Seema, Emran Hasmi with Parveen Shahani - the list just goes on and on and on.

    Seldom there has been a Hindu marrying a muslim. Kishor, Hrithik, Kamal Amrohi(Meena Kumari) to name a few. Mayur Madhwani married mumtaz and now, their daughter Natasha tied Knots with Fardeen Khan, and we have a  mixed Indian, John Abraham dating Bipasha. HUH.

Now lets come to the films that have had impact on the Gen-Next of Bharath. Kabhi Alvida Na kehna(Stg: Amitabh, Abhishek, SRK, Preity and Rani). A strained marital relationship is broken by father and the couples are swapped. It doesn`t happen in India Mr. Karan Johar. Though the film was a not a HIT, it was criticised for its UnIndian story line.

Salam Namaste
- Stg: Saif and Preity. A story of Live-In-Relationships. Its the worst form of Dating. It may happen in West but not in Bharath.

Its a conspiracy. Donned by Dawood. Leading and the most influential actors touching the delicate and UnIndian issues. Filmdom needs to be cleaned up of this Khans. Love Jehad needs to be answered at all nooks and corners and at all levels. Even the celebrities should not be spared. Films are not only meant for entertainment but to educate the masses. 

---------------- Note: Content of this blog post is writer's personal opinion and may not be SanghParivar.org or Sangh's view.


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of course am concerned....bt

of course am concerned....bt my point is - nobody is ready(perhaps dare enough) to talk about these issues. so when someone is talking(you), its better to give insights rather than giving statistics... we know who married whom, who ditched whom etc..... i meant this.... otherwise i agree the views...

(we need to launch an attack on whoever is insulting and demoralizing our culture - blogger)
.....ppl reject the unindian films without influence of any organisations...am saying this coz the reaction and behaviour of hindu orgs is strange regarding bollywood/films...
when 'girlfriend' came they protested extremely ....bt wt about 'dostana' of last year...if they consider GF unindian, den dstns shd'v bn trtd in d same way.....so if u say we mst launch an attack it shud be free from dilemma n indifferent behavior... for that u need insights n clear vision of wt n y u r doin.......(ofcourse u also need some list for tht ;))

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we should unite about these

we should unite about these issues and also v should be careful about "love jehad"

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I-F Shaadi with Equality

I-F Shaadi with Equality :
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There is nothing right or wrong, but it is important to make an "informed" decision for a long lasting married life, even that is an interfaith marriage.
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incomplete article..... its

incomplete article..... its more like a list..... list of some names.... last line is debatable......nothing else.....

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Well Sneha thanks for going

Well Sneha thanks for going thru the write-up...Yes ur comments are pragmatic...but to discuss the issue indepth, there are some constraints which I presume, you might be well aware of...Isnt the list enough to awaken and mirrorise what actually is happening with Hindu girls, because they are influenced by Bollywood heroines. Seldom there are muslim lasses in that industry and the main reason behind that is their purdah system. Muslim girls are safeguarded..what about Hindu women folk..are you not concerned??

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Well said Deepu. As I wrote

Well said Deepu. As I wrote elsewhere, we need to deal withe fake celluloid industry.

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Dhanyavad for

Dhanyavad for endorsing....Yes, we need to lauch an attack on whoever is insulting and demoralising our culture