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The euphoria of Indian vocabulary is over and tempers have cooled down finally after Bombay terror incidents. Now the American rulers have cooled down in respect of Pakistan. It is asking Pakistan to ensure that those responsible for Mumbai attacks who were arrested by Pakistan should be tried in Pak courts and convicted. Now America is not telling its friend to hand over the thugs to India for trails. This is a major deviation from earlier American backing to India.. This was very much not appreciated by India when Pranab Mukherjee remarked that the US pressure on Pakistan had not produced tangible returns (1). The warnings and jargons, complex phrases from the leaders are over and people also reconciled to their fate including the fiery LK Adwani and his group. Every one on the street asks and exclaim, “ I knew these guys can not do any thing. They are incapable , useless and nuts. This was also the statement made by famous character Girisam in the famous telugu play Kanya sulkam a social sattireon Child marriages written by Gurajada venkata Appa Rao nearly a century ago that took Andhra Pradesh by storm (2). Till today it remains as one of the greatest masterpieces in literature.

The common man on the street exclaims, “If Indira Gandhi was there, things would have been different. She would have hanged them upside down. The present guys are just nuts to be precise” . Such is the confidence of average Indian in the bye gone dynamic leader Indra Gandhi. Similar sentiment does not exist even for the great PM Jawahar lal Nehru who bungled Kashmir issue and relations with China leading to debacle in 1962 with a shameful defeat at the hands of Chinese army.. With Taj Mahal Hotel and other joints having again opened for business, the lost glory is fast returning to Bombay the financial capital of India. But every one is keeping fingers crossed. The only solace left is that in international arena India has gained two things:

a. India as a matured democracy and a State has not taken hasty decision of attacking Pakistan and has preferred to bring pressure on Pakistan to deal with terrorism more sternly.

b.. India is not capable to deal sternly with the terror happy Pakistan that has been waging continuous war with India. Now every one knows that India is a paper tiger. It can only growl initially and say “Mew” after some time when other guy shows teeth and then tuck tail between rear legs..

The first one is more appreciated by USA because Pakistan is an American satellite and Indian attack on Pakistan would have placed USA in an awkward position. The second one is much appreciated by all types of terrorists and Indian haters and those who see happiness in Indian misery. This message has also gone home to the Naxalites,the armed Maoists, separatists in North Eastern States, Trouble creators in South India and many more. There are certain difficult questions to be answered:

a. Why India preferred diplomatic effort to military pressures? Was it due to fear of Pak bomb? Obviously,” Yes”. Pakistan has refused to sign the agreement of not being the first one to use the bomb. On earlier occasions it clearly stated that it would reserve the right to use the bomb and shall not abide to the agreement that it will not be the first to use it. India has probably lost the nerve and could not risk an engagement with a risky and unpredictable and crazy neighbor. Most of the Pakistanis were rather prepared with a slogan,

“We shall drown, but we shall go down along with you”

Jo Hamse takrayegaa.. mitti me miljayega ( Any one who fights us will vanish into the dust)

India was not prepared to go down with Pakistan in spite of the need to uphold national honor after the savage attacks. Thus Pakistan has achieved the purpose of building the bomb and it could put a stronger India at bay?. But who is to be blamed for such situation? Obviously India that allowed Pakistan to build bomb. Look at Israel, which took Iraq nuclear facilities by storm in a preemptive raid and destroyed them. This type of strategy needs guts that obviously India lacks. Therefore one has to suffer. We may earn laurels from some communities as a mature nation that did not go berserk after the provocation. But one should remember that no other nation would fight India’s war. Others would give sermons, ideas and some morale boosting comments..
b. India has achieved great growth on industrial and agricultural front and is emerging as a strong financial power in the world and with war India has surely feared that the growth would be hampered. With present international economic recession that has affected India too, India developed cold feet and nervousness in taking a strong retaliatory action against Pakistan. Pakistan has cashed on to this weakness and it has nothing to loose in this sordid game. It being a failed state any thing coming is good. The expenditure of war, threat of a atomic bomb to a city or some vital installation could be disastrous and India feared that the war was not worth fighting for few hundred casualties and some damage to property.

Chidambaram the new Defence minister has recently said that next time it would be a very costly affair to Pakistan. It will have to pay enormous price if such strike is repeated He said, “ What we now want are cast iron guarantees” that no state person will be allowed to use Pakistani oil or sources to launch an attack on India (3). It means that India has ignored the present attack. All rumors of war with Pakistan or some surgical strikes into Pakistan have vanished into air as smoke. Pakistan thus gets a great respite. The corollary is that India expects similar such attack and expects to do some thing at that point of time. Till then let us wait and watch and scratch our backs and wait for the next show. Pakistani militants are not fools to repeat the show at Bombay. It will come at some unexpected place. It is not possible to protect and guard all places meticulously. They would strike when guard is off. They may use soil of Waziristan where all thugs stay. Pakistan as it is having no control over Waziristan. In all probabilities Lashkar E Toiba would have shifted to Waziristan which is a safe haven for all unlawful elements. India can not do any thing then.
In this context it is most appropriate to quote Shobha De, She said, “ It is time to grow up, 2009 is already here. Going eye ball to eye bal with Pakistan ( On television debates) is not helping the situation. If any thing, we are looking wimpish, and apologetic as minister after minister makes the same meaningless noises. While those guys get away with quotable quotes about non state actors, reactions to actions and other boasts which frankly sound terrific…..” Pakistan has finally shown to thumb to India and there is no way except to accept and keep smiling while burning from inside unable to do any concrete thing.
The recent adjustment by the much accalimed PM Dr Singh that India and Pakistan should revive talks keeping the issue of terrorism aside neds careful examination.What are our compulsions to bow and touch and lick Pak feet? After attack on Bomaby, India has demonstrated its weak kneed disposition and policy to the whole world and even a small child any where in the world knows that India can not do any thing to Pakistan and continues to get screwed by Pakistan . Why India can not be firm
that unless Pakistan takes strong actions to curb terrorsim and punsihes the criminals the relationas can not be normalised? The recent reports that India is likely to allow a train service from Pakistan to Bangladesh through India is required to be considered with great caution. Why India should allow such facility? This will allow free flow of terrorists from both countries. We are unable to control crimes in Indian railways. How can we control crimes in such inter continental services? This means our leaders would allow free flow of terrorists. Hope the learned Singh is not aiming at Nobel peace prize this year that has elluded all the Prime Ministers.It looks as if India has reconciled to pak terrorism after having failed to demonstrate that India means business and has stiff spine.Some one said.. When something can not be avoided why not enjoy it. India is exactly doing that. Shame indeed.


1.US okay with trial in Pak, Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, AP, India, January 3, 2008, PP 9

2. Gurajada Appa Rao, Kanya sulkam ( Telugu drama), Published in 1964. Gurajada memorial research center, Hyderabad, AP India

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Dear friends Indian rulers

Dear friends

Indian rulers surely have no spine
They struggle every time like a twisted grape vine
They appeal begging and licking to Pak to scratch our back
The guts however these leaders no doubt surely lack

The country is put together by few nuts and bolts
Across the border the militants ride on valiant colts
What we constantly receive are the severe jolts
And the nation is screwed by Pak with million volts

Dr K Prabhakar Rao