Dr K Prabhakar Rao

.Rudrama Devi ( 1262.1296) shines gloriously in the medieval history of South India. She was the only child of King Ganapathi Dava who ruled at Warangal the capital of Kakateeya Dynasty that had sway over entire Telangana ( Present Andhra Pradesh State) and most of the Andhra provinces during 13 th century.He went up to Kanchi in Tamilnadu and defeated the reigning king.Although they claimed themselves as Kshatriya caste of eminence they belonged the Chaturtha caste ( Fourth Caste i.e Shoodras as stated by the various vassals in their edicts. They did not give much importance to castes and intermarried with other castes. It was great thing in those days. This could be due to the fact that earlier Kakateeya kings were followers of Jainism and subsequently became shivites. She was brought up as a male child and she mastered all the martial arts and traits of administration of the kingdom. She was married to a prince named Veerabhadra from Nidavolu who proclaimed claimed origin from Chalukya kings.
Ganapati Deva after taking advice from the illustrious Prime Minister Sivadevayya nominated Rudrama Devi as his successor in his last days . This was no doubt resented by some nobles and her cousins who later raised banner of revolt. Veera Bhadra also was jealous of Rudrmadevi ruling the land. She succeeded her father after his death in 1262 wore male attire and sat on the throne and with iron hand ruled the kingdom keeping the enemies at bay. Pandyas and Cholas from the south Indian peninsula were also great threat and she kept them at bay with great vigour. After her accession she had to fight Harihara deva and Murarideva the cousins who revolted against the lady ruler. She also disciplined Amba eva who revolted against her rule. She had some efficient nobles like Jaganni deva and Gona Ganna reddy who helped her greatly in suppressing revolts. She worshipped goddesses. Bhadrakali, Ekaveera and Padmakshi.She captured important forts like Mulikinadu, Renadu, Eruva,Mutthapi nadu, Satti.
Rudramadevi defeated Mahadeva Raja the Yadava ruler of Devagiri ( Daulatabad in Aurangabad District at present in Maharashtra state)who invaded Warangal ( earlier known as Orugallu or Ekasilanagaramu) fort, the capital of Kakateeya empire and chased him away. She crossed Godavari chasing the yadava ruler right into his territories and forced him to make peace. The Devagiri King had to pay great amount of ransom to the queen and made peace. Although such treasures gained after victory belonged to the royal house she magnanimously she distributed the wealth among her troops most graciously. This is one of the grand victories of the queen. The queen had no much time to pursue arts and literature during her reign. After the death of Rudramadevi most probably in a battle, Prataparudradeva II ( 1296-1323) son of her daughter Mummadamma succeeded to the throne. In fact Ganapathideva announced Prataparudra as crown prince in his last days. In fact Muslim invasions on South India started during his reign. Rudrama Devi was one of the most outstanding queens in Indian History from Kakateeya dynasty and people still cherish her memories. She is one among the valiant and distinguished queens such as Durgavathi of Gondwana ( During Akbars times), Rani Chinnamma of Kittur ( During East India Company’s rule), of Maharashtra ( Aurangzebs times), Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi ( During East India Company’s rule), Razia sultana ( Early period of Sultanate at Delhi) and her memory is immortal..


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