list of of hindu girls married to muslims last year in maharashtra only

Find the list  in attachment. Its a list of of hindu girls married to muslims last year in maharashtra only.
8अनुलग्नक — सभी संलग्नक डाउनलोड करें   सभी छवियाँ देखें  
1227K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1228K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1230K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1265K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1243K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1219K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1209K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  
1224K   देखें   डाउनलोड करें  


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Dear Hindu bro/sis, please

Dear Hindu bro/sis, please eradicate the misconception about muslim people, there is no plan to have an islamic rebulic of india, a muslim know the truth of this world and their prime responsiblity is to convey the message of truth that all you know that there is one god Allah and every muslim responsibility is to spread the truth, please do not beleive in today's media, read your own religions books, bhagwat gita, veda,etc then you will come to know the real picture of hindusim, there are many similarities between islam and hindusim, most and important similarity is there is one god and worship him only, there is no idol, picture,etc of god, he is unseen, please do not follow ur religion blindly. we have to go back to our almighty Allah and will have to answrable to him.

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Re: Dear Hindu bro/sis, please

Dear Muslim bro/sis, please eradicate the misconception about muslim people, we are brave because we are born killers and rapists, first learn about our Prophet(PBUH), who had many wives, and slaves, raped thousand of thousands, killed millions, followed traditions by successors like - Ghajnavi, Aurangjeb, Babur, Akbar, Bhadur Shah Jafar, Tipu Sultan, Nader Shah and many more. If Muhammad himself was a prophet, his family and life wad most miserable (sons died before him, his death was bad). But never mind if you embrace Islam, you and your children will enjoy sex and blood and if die for Islam borthers (not sisters) will go to heaven for 72 virgins(ofcourse 6-13 years old) and young boys (with lovely back). Isn't it better than loving and worshiping every noble spirits considered as devtas and nature which maintain life on planet? Come to Islam and enjoy killing and raping without fear of Allah and Government, they support it.

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If you are a Muslim and can

If you are a Muslim and can tell me why Allah is a God? There are many reasons why Allah cannot be a God:
1) Quran shows no signs of being a divine book.
This can be subdivided into:
a) There are no miracles in Quran, and thus no sign that men or man could not have created this book.
b) Instead, Quran has wrong science in it, and wrong moral ideas.
c) If Quran was truely from God, it would contain knowledge that we are not aware of yet. You think Quran has science? Read about the pre-Islamic scientific World and the wonderful scientists who were born before Islam came. If Quran wanted to convey science, why did it not convey all the science we know of? Instead, it conveyed either common sense, OR ideas stolen from Greek scientists. There is every reason I can give to tell you how Mohammed stole from Greeks. Remember, you do not have to be educated to hear a scientists knowledge from far-away lands, and lie to people around you to claim the scientific knowledge as "revealed" from God!
Thus the claim that Mohammed was not educated and could not have known all this, is FALSE!
d) A real God would not allow his important message to be taken in a wrong way:
Quran is supposed to be an important message for humanity, rioght. If Quran was an important message to humanity from a real God, its Creator would have made SURE that the message would not be taken in a wrong way. The day is coming when more and more people are hating Islam. Assuming that Quran was from God, it is unfortunate to be born in such an era, where this important message of God is being hated so much.
Would the real creator (if he exists) allow any of His dear creation to be born in a place where His message was being hated so much, and thus not receive the message in the correct context? Ofcourse not.
The message of a Real God to his creation, would be very important and there would be NO one who would be able to tarnish the clean image of his message.
We have sane people finding faults with Quran and talking about using it as toilet paper. Would a real God allow this to happen to his message?
Not if he thought his message was important!
God wants to test us? For what? Are we the guineu pigs of the Universe? No, we're not! God doesnt even have any rights on us!
e) God would never declare his previous messages to be false, and only the latest one(Islam) to be true.
A real God would NEVER say this:
"And if any believe not in Allah and His Messenger, We have prepared, for those who reject Allah, a Blazing Fire!" -Quran 48:13
This verse is clearly talking about Islam and not just any Messenger or religion. There is another verse which says that "no religion will be accepted of man except Islam". (3:85).
f) A real God would not violate our rights.
Besides the above reasons, there is another logical explanation of why Allah cannot be a God.
Allah is a God who becomes offended if you abuse or disobey him. What kind of weak God is that?
Here is an explanation, of why:
1) God cannot be offended when man abuses him. 2) Allah cannot be a true god. I will present two approaches to prove this. First, I will prove by logical reasoning that Allah cannot be a God. Then, I will present an analogy to support my claim further.
2) Logical Reasoning
God is supposed to be an infinitely powerful being. It is not possible to have any power or influence over an infinitely powerful being. It is not possible to effect God in any way.
I cannot make God angry, niether can I make him happy. If I could make God happy or angry, it would mean that I have some control over God's emotions. Thus, I would have some control over God. But such a God, whose emotions (anger) I can control, cannot be a God. When even a billion blackholes, which have the power to bend light, due to enormous gravitational attraction, cannot effect God, then can I, a 65 Kg man, effect God in any way? No.Now, let us study Allah, the God of Muslims. A muslim is told to worship Allah and praise him. Allah created man to worship him (Q:51.56). We know that Allah will punish all those who dont believe in him Quran 48.13 "And if any believe not in Allah and His Messenger, We have prepared, for those who reject Allah, a Blazing Fire!" Thus, if Allah will punish anyone who does'nt believe in him, he will also punish anyone who abuses him. But if Allah punishes anyone who abuses him, it means that Allah is offended when a human abuses him. This means that a human being can offend Allah, by either disobeying his orders, or abusing him. If a human can offend Allah, it means that the human being has control over Allah's emotions. A human being has control over Allah's anger and thus has partial control over Allah. But we know from our earlier discussion, that a being cannot be a God, if its emotions can be controlled by a human being.
Note: Abusing another human is a different matter, because a human can be effected by abuse, since she/he is not infinitely powerful, as God is. It makes sense to say that if God existed, he would provide justice to all those who were abused in any way, and would give punishment to those who abused the humans. BUT, God would not be angry at the criminals. The role of a good judge is to provide justice, without being effected by hate or anger, induced by the criminal. If Allah can become angry due to a human abusing him, the rule of Allah being the strongest entity is violated. Conclusion: Allah, the God of Muslims, can not be a God. Now I will present an analogy to make this explanation more clear.
A guy whom we shall call 'X', is doing a study on social behaviors, decides to do an experiment. He wants to see the reaction of abuse on different types of people. He goes out on a street to meet people and chooses one guy whom he calls 'A'.
X says some verbal abuse and racial remarks to 'A'. But 'A' is a cool-headed guy and does not mind the abuse. Instead, he thinks to himself, that this guy must be insane. 'A' does not let his anger grow and just looks on to 'X' with amusement and raises his eyebrows and then ignores ‘X’, thinking its nothing to be serious about. X notes down the reaction of 'A' in his research journal and walks away to find another guy, whom he calls 'B'. Now, ‘B’ is a hot headed guy, who can become angry on the smallest of things. ‘X’ calls him some verbal abuse along with racial remarks. ‘B’'s anger shoots up very quickly and his blood begins to boil. He starts abusing ‘X’ in return, making even bigger and more vulgar abuse to ‘X’, telling him to '#$^@ off'. ‘B’ starts coming near ‘X’ and it looks like hes ready to punch X in the face. Before ‘B’ can do that, ‘X’ runs away for his life and disappears.
His study is complete. Which person, 'A' or 'B', has the greater character strength ? If you were to choose a leader for a group, who would you choose between 'A' and 'B' ? The vast majority of people would chose 'A' as the leader, who has more strong character, and has proven to be more resistant to attacks than ‘B’. Lets transfer this example to God’s. Suppose there are two God's.
One of them is God ‘B’, who is a sensitive God and for him, its easy to become angry when a human abuses him. So down on the planet, there is a man who abuses God B. God B becomes angry and he plans to punish the human for what he did. The God plans to burn the human and give him all sorts of pain when he dies. The other God, called God A, is cool-headed and when He sees a human being abuse Him, He doesn't mind, because his ego is not so sensitive as that of God B. God A loves humans unconditionally and infinitely. When He sees the human abuse Him, he thinks to himself that this human might be crazy and he forgives that human. He knows that abuse doesn't effect him. He still loves the human, and he knows that a human cannot harm Him in any way. When the human will die, he will see for himself, how loving God is.
So God A says to himself : “Nevermind, he's a human, my loved creation, it doesn’t matter to me if he believes in me or not. His belief or disbelief does not effect ME because I have infinite power over all things. I cannot be effected by even a million black holes, let alone a 65 kg 5’6” tall human, who will live only 70 years.” Which of the Gods, A or B, is more strong and loving ? Which of God do you think rules the universe?
A large majority of the people would choose God 'A', the one who is not affected by human abuse or love and loves his creation infinitely. If Allah is infinite in power, he is infinite in strength of personal character. If Allah can become angry due to a human abusing him, the rule of Allah being the strongest entity is violated.
God, if exists, does not and cannot become angry when a human praises/abuses him. Thus, Allah, the god of Muslims, who can be offended by abuse, can NOT be a true god.

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muslim man looking for a hindu girl to marry

Hi i m a muslim man here looling to marry a hindu girl and i m serious about it if any female interested kindly mail me at

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Hindu Girls getting married to muslim

I wanted to comment on one of the post where a girl is urging all the hindu girls to marry muslims, to get a better sexual satisfaction, i have a question for that lady that if muslim boys are good in bed then muslim girls will also be good in bed then y do the muslim men get married twice or thrice. A person should not make such kind of statements and should understand that we all belong to one race that is humanity. I believe that there is only one god and we r the creation of him, so we should not underestimate anybody as it questions the creation of god. The only pillar 4 marriage should be love and coming to sex nowadays that people are so greedy that their satisfaction is olny limited to that time. I wish that god gives wisdom to everybody and guides to live in peace and harmony with everybody.

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Plan to convert India into an islamic country

When i was in the college i use to believe that muslim have an ideology to marry hindu girls, so that thye can increase their poulation ratio and convert india into a muslim country. India in past has been ruled my muslim rulers, but still they were not fully successful to convert india into total muslim state. Sanatan Dharma is coming through millions of years and will always remain.

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hindu marrying muslims

im a hindu girl, but my boyfriend is muslim, i wish to marry him, but the problem is i must get convert, but still all of them dont get true love n i have got it, so i dont want to loose him, so now im well prepared to get convert n worshiping our own religion and our god is not a big deal, we must do dat, bcoz dat we do it from our heart, how can anybody stop us,accept muslim n b a hindu, so be brave n face the situation dats wat i do...................

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so he is a love jihadi, u

so he is a love jihadi, u chooses a wrong boy forget him ,girls like u r curse on hinbduism

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if a muslim guy will marry a hindu girl .. then in their sense they will get jannat ..............

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islam prohibits a muslim man

islam prohibits a muslim man marrying an unbelieving woman or a muslim woman marrying an unbelieving man. the reference in quran chapter 2 verse 221. hence any muslim woman or man doing such an act is far from islam. Islam is perfect . Muslims are not. dont confuse between the two.

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I do not see any list of

I do not see any list of girls converted to islam

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plz i want request all hindu

plz i want request all hindu girls that dont become muslim. all hindu girls should be marry only hindu boys.

jai hind and vandemaatramm

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I think hindu girls like

I think hindu girls like muslims and christians due to their exotic looks as they are by-products of arabs and europeans who invaded india. I am by-product of hindu-christian (brown-white-black-japanese). I have families in all races and we are in good terms regardless of our religious believe. I am Christian due to fact that I don't like idol worshiping. I have lot of hindu girl friends and they like me. couple of them have told me that they want to leave hindu family and religion as they are suffocated by their thinking and believes. We live in NA and they have right to choose they need for their life.

Marvin sukla

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i am sheeja, i read the

i am sheeja,
i read the commands. i strongly believe that if we marry a muslim guy he will care us far better than a hindu. the original muslims will not drink liqor and will strict moral in all . i hate drunkards and immorals. so i had planned to marry a good educated muslim boy

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girls like u r curse n

girls like u r curse n hinduism,. hindu muslim marriage c not last lng more thn 10 years, this is max age of married life of hindu muslim if they had true love, what name do u give to ur son? obviously u have t give muslim name?u cannot worship krishna ,ganesha statue along wid u and cant worship them ,u cant celebrate birthdays of ur childrens ,u have to follow shahadat before marrying muslim man

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good to hear from you

Hi sheeja good to hear your comment my name is mohsin and i m 27 and looking to marry a hindu girl
i m very muxh serious about it

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history shows tht any

history shows tht any community or country which tries to hide away from facts suffer more losses than they wud hav if they had been wise enuf to accept the facts.
the fact is that an average muslims is better looking than an average hindu.
an average muslim is more aggressive than an average hindu..and when i say aggressive i mean aggressive in every respect ..emotionally and physically.
its a plain and simple fact.whether hindus like it or not the fact wont change.
Women of any race,country,community tends to attract towards a man who is aggressive and better looking.As we men get attracted towards a pretty woman more than an average looking woman.
that is why u see a lot of cases of love between hindu girls and muslim guys.
I dont say that muslims girls dont date hindu guys.there are many muslims girls who must be dating a hindu guy.but the cases of hindu girls dating a muslim guys is far too many in numbers.
its a fact and has to be accepted whether hindus like it or not.

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u r 200% true my friend..

u r 200% true my friend.. thats what made me fall for my guy who is a muslim. 1st thing he never touches liquor.. thinks thrice before telling a lie.. caring and respects women.. well protective.. gud height and quite handsome. I didnot find even 1 single hindu guy with all these features together.

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so iam 6 feet 1 inch tall and

so iam 6 feet 1 inch tall and good looking,u can cntact me at my email , i wan to marry a muslim girl,girl can practise her own religion i will not convert her to hinduism as muslim convert hindu girls into islam

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where is the name list or

where is the name list or photo link, ullu ka pattha?

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hi i am sana.i was hindu

hi i am sana.i was hindu before marrying to muslim boy friend, for marying to muslim we have to change our religion and i have changed the religion and married him, his name is arshad khan, and also by younger sister is also marrying to muslim boy, our hindu boy are not very power full in sex that much compare to Muslims, that is the reason now a days hindu girls prefering muslims to marry,i want to convey my message to my hindu sisters to get married to muslims for better satisfation,

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u need satisfaction

if you want to be satisfied u should have came to me .. i would have satisfied u.. and if u neeed more satisfaction then 'sonagachi ' to hai calcutta mein.....jAA ke baith jao...

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Assalam Alaikum Sana,

Assalam Alaikum Sana, (Assalam alaikum means Allah ki rahmat tum par ho)

very stupid comments u have posted, u r lucky that u have married a muslim boy, muslim boys have good character, no faltu ki adat, good behaviour with colleages and respect to other, they take it from their family and they strongly believe in their religion and obvious must beleive

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stupid comments and dream

stupid comments and dream marryin a muslim gals they just hate the people who worship animals and drink piss and thats the reason why hindu girls running after muslim guys to get settled down and muslims guys r good looking and hot and also bold. so you guys just try to stop your girls running away with muslim guys our girls they r well trained and they know its bad to marry the brainless people who worship all kinds of animals in the ZOO

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I urge to Sanghparivar there

I urge to Sanghparivar there should be strategy to tackel this problem and Use professional people brain to get over this.Hindu people shoudl contribute money to save Hindu Religion . Chritians are spreading money in slum area to get convert into chritian and basically this people who accept money is low cast hindu . Wake up or It will be too late....

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This is hindu muslim marrage

This is hindu muslim marrage are more happening because of this Film Industry as every body love here Khan heroes and girls are finding interest in local muslim boys .. I have seen few girls when I was working in Call Center have spoiled their life ....Every Hindu should decide that in my family no girl should marry to Muslim boy then only its going to work out ....

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Sania Mirza marrying to

Sania Mirza marrying to Sohrab Mirza a muslim boy

Isha Shervani having affair with Zaheer Khan criketer

Sanjida Sheikh STAR PLUS actress having affair with muslim boy (name forgot) who is TV actor ....
their are many more examples where succesful muslim girls or bigger muslim girl marry to Muslim boy only ...why don't they find Hindu boy who is majority in numbers in every field ..

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Guys wake up ..todays story

Guys wake up ..todays story when a Hindu boy caught in front of Sania Mirza's house . He told to media that when he purposed Sania Mirza she said it is not possible to get marry with Hindu . Now think about it . A international player who is playing for india and a celebraty ..look at her thinking and here our Hindu girl celebraties ..can't count the name they are more in number are freely getting marry with Muslim heros ...

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hi i am asha.i am an

hi i am asha.i am an ex-muslim but now a hindu after marrying my hindu boy freind.i know that many hindu girls marry muslim boys but very few muslim girls marry hindu boys and they also dont convert to hinduism also, but this is due to our hindu boys only.they are not very agressive in marrying muslim girls and converting them. i am lucky that my boy freind not only married me but also converted me to previous name was ayesha shaikh he changed my name to asha. to all hindu boys out their i want to convey them what many muslim girls think about hindu boys, many educated muslim girls like myself they have no problem in marrying a hindu boy and converting to hinduism but they are not as lucky to have a hindu boyfreind.i would assure to them that if married to a hindu boy, a muslim girl would become a sincere hindu, and to those muslim girls who are afraid to marry hindu boys i would advise them not to be afraid because india is a an independent country and everybody has the right to chose their partner so why not marry a hindu boy

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What was your family's

What was your family's reaction?

Anonymous's picture

Thanks. You are only one I

Thanks. You are only one I found who have converted from islam to hinduism. One or two incidents are also there. What problem did you face? What was yoir parents reaction?

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u r fool and making false

u r fool and making false story ha ha
no body want to be a hindu,hindus worhip idols,drink piss of cow,killls innocents etc

u worhsip nude kali,gay shiva,a monkey, a snake, a evil kali etc.

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ek story sunata hoon

ek baar ek competition hua .. alla aur hanuman ji ke bich mein .. kaun kisko kitna jor se maar sakta hai , alla ne hanuman ji ko mara wo 3 , 4 din ke baad gire.... aur jab hanuman ji ne alla ko mara to .. ye to sab jante hi hoge ki aaj bhi sab hanth chane alla ke girne kaa intajar karte hai ... aab to aja itna mat sata...

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I am not lucky enoght to get

I am not lucky enoght to get marry with muslim girl.As I was having affair with muslim girl but she is married now.Before our affair she said this that it is not possible to get marry with Hindu boy.
My Meditation & Yoga Guru told me once if one who marry with muslim girl will have successful life...cause they are more understanding and they are taught to follow their husband in any circumstances ....

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send me the list

send me the list

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i also fully support this

i also fully support this things & strong believes that hindu guys must marry muslim gals so that the population of hindu shuld increase as the muslim guys trap the hindu gals in their fake affection & then ruin their lives & also the lives of the gals parents

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where is the list

where is the list "305.jpg
1227K देखें डाउनलोड करें
306.jpg" ????

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Conversion through love

Conversion through love affairs: Muslim/ Christian youth are ‘advised’ to love the high caste Hindu youths and when the affair reaches the level marriage, the Hindu partner in the love affair is forced to convert before marriage. Let the Hindu youths and their parents be aware about this heinous activities going on every day.

‘Friends of India’ is a Muslim organization, which has recently started a new youth wing ‘smart friends’ exclusively for loving Hindu youths and getting the Hindus who fall into the love affairs, converted into Islam either by persuasion or by force/threatening.

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fantastic. i fully agree

fantastic. i fully agree with it

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how to see? i cud not find

how to see? i cud not find anything!
but the question is : why parents r giving marry to muslim boys ? why hindu parents r not thinking that not a single muslim girls r allowed to be married with hindu boy? why we will be girl supplier to our enemies to give born our 6-8 enemies?
those parents or girls r the culprit! they shud be actually punished before going to muslim hand!