Poor Christian Liberation Movement slams Church organisations

Poor Christian Liberation Movement’s meeting held in New Delhi asked the Church leadership to stop fraudulent conversion in India
among Dalits and Tribals. And it further demand that the foreign funds
received by the church be used for the welfare and upliftment of the
poor Christians who are suffering from the discrimination.


The Main Resolutions passed in the meet attended by 300 delegates across the Nation passed following Resolutions


Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), National Council for
churches in India (NCCI) and other church organizations drop the demand
for pushing back the poor Christians in to the category of Scheduled
Caste status. The teaching of Jesus Christ does not permit to
discriminate among his followers. If the Church in India
pursue the reservation for Christians on the basis of caste then it
must pay compensation to the poor Christians who got converted to the
Christianity long back.

2) Govt. of India
should institute a law allowing the Christians minority institutions to
admit 50 % student who are Christians. Any Christians educational
institute claiming Minority Status be punished if they refuse admission
to a Christian child. Currently there is no such provision therefore
the Church educational institutions are fearless. Those not following
the directive be declassified and put under the Income Tax Act as
commercial venture.

Govt should not appoint any clergy (Bishops, priests and nuns) in
Government committee, commissions etc. Instead the Govt should appoint
ordinary Christians as the members such committees and commissions. It
has been observed that due to such appointments the Bishops, priests,
and nuns are deviating format their original work of the Church and
misusing their positions and funds.

4) Vatican
should protest the pattern in appointing the bishops in India.The Poor
Christian Liberation Movement is opposed to the current procedure of
appointing the Bishop in the Diocese by the top from Vatican who is not aware of the local conditions. The Vatican must follow the same law which is being followed in China in which appointment of bishop by conscious of the local people.

CBCI should stop discriminating converted Christians in appointment of
important positions in the institutions of Catholic Church.

6) The Church in India
is the largest employments giver after the Govt of India. Hence we
demand that to solve the unemployment problem among poor Christians 50
% job reservations in Christian’s educational and medical institutions
for these category be reserved in the Church institutions

Churches are bringing fund from abroad and spending crores of rupees on
evangelization which creates confusion among the religions and bring
disunity in the country. Evangelization must be stopped. Let the
population grow within the religions. Church should not criticize
another religion. Let all the religions grow freely. Church leaders
must spend crores of rupees for the upliftment of the converted
Christians rather than on evangelization.

The Poor Christian Liberation Movement feels that a time has come when
pluralistic societies are to be accepted. It has already been done in
the Western Christians countries. Therefore the focus on fraudulent
conversion and only increasing number of “rice Christians” would not
really serve the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church in India needs to promote multi culture and inter faith dialogues.

In order to facilitate resource for education and training for the
children of the poor Christians particularly girls a 1000 crore rupee
fund be created in India by the Church.

10) Time has come for Christians in India
to suggest their Christian brethren and sisters in the West that all
efforts must be made to make the community self sufficient and not
dependent. We the Christians in India wish that the foreign funds must be diverted to poor people of Africa.



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I agree with PCLM's demands.

I agree with PCLM's demands. The Church should reconsdier its policy on conversions and pay attention to those poor Christians who have already become Christians long ago. Let us hope the admant Church autorities would listen to the general feelings of the laity.