Improve standard of English all Sangh supported schools in India.

There is a desperate need to improve standard of English all Sangh supported schools in India.


I will try to give you some points of why this measure is needed.

 Some Issues we face presently: -

1)      It is a common knowledge that there are many missionary schools operating in every district and village in India. It is also known that these schools have become number one choice of parents, the soul reason being the English education they provide to the students. Most of us have been students of such English Medium schools.

Now we will try to show you how much money a single school can make in one year: -

With roughly 2000 students, and fees of at least Rs.10,000 /annum (excluding that for books and many other contributions we needed to make every year)


Total money earned (at least): -

10,000 x 2000 = 20000000 = 2 Crore Rupees.


Assuming they made at least 50% as profit.

i.e. Rs. 1 Crore profit –from one school.


Considering that there are more than 600 districts in India, according to our calculations, these Christian schools make around: -

Number of such schools per district = 4 or 5 = 4.5 (Median)

Number of Districts in India = 604

Average Profit per annum per schools = 1 Crore.


So, Total profit made by such schools per annum in India will be around

= 1 Crore x 4.5 x 604

= Rs. 2718 Crore 

It is well know that Christian missionaries use this amount of money to convert poor Hindus in India. They will make more such schools, hospitals, churches from this money. Use all these as a tool to convert more of poor Hindus.


We have tried to do a modest calculation of how much people can be converted by this huge amount of money: -


One would not need more than Rs. 1 Lakh to get a head of one family converted. That means Rs. 1 Lakh for one family of 4 to 5 people.

Here is the calculation: -

Number of members in one poor family = 4 or 5 = 4.5 (Median)

So, total number of people who can be converted in 1 year =

= 4.5 x 2718 x 100

= 1223100

~ More than 12 Lakh Hindus per year~ More than 3000 Hindus per day! 

 # These calculations have been done on very modest assumptions. We have not taken into account different missionary schools/colleges that charge around 1 Lakh per annum from students.


We know that we cannot take any direct action against this as in the conversion tactics they use those Hospitals, schools and jobs as tools, thus giving it by and large a humanitarian angle.


2)      We have been fortunate to be in constant touch with many friends who did their schooling from Vidya Bharti schools (Schools managed by Sangh). All of those we have met with have had few things in common: -

-         Discipline: - This is because strict discipline being followed in their schools.

-         Hindutva: - Every one has a deeply rooted Hindutva principles and common concern for Hindus and Bharat.

-         Weak communication skills in English: - Yes, it is a sorry fact, but English has been their weak point. They have to put in extra effort to improve English by joining different English speaking courses in the market. Also that they have to work harder to get certain jobs because of their weak communication skills in English.

  Solution to above problems: -

The one line solution to above two problems is to allow English to be taught as the major language in more than 20,000 Sangh schools which teach more than 29.75 Lakh students across India.

a)      Hindu Parents of children will always prefer a Sangh school over any missionary school provided

-         We offer decent level of English education in Vidya Bharti Schools, thus providing them an alternative. This will really dry up earnings of missionaries in a big way.

-         We make people aware of how missionary money is being used in conversion (which I think every informed/attentive Indian knows)

b)      Once a decent environment is provided to students, they will not need any sort of coaching after passing out and will be much more prepared to face and crack any interview.


There are many other benefits and spin-offs which can be extracted by the above step. We try to analyze them later in this text.

   Additional Benefits of adopting English: -

1)      English is global language. If someone speaks/writes in English, he is sure to get a global and national audience. There will be millions passing out of our temple of knowledge in next decade or so.

-         Swami Vivekananda himself adopted English to spread the message of Hindutva.-         ISCKON is helping spread the Krishna culture to foreign lands, as well as in esteemed institutions like the IITs in India – by the use of English. In the same way,-     Millions will spread the light of Hindutva around the whole world, just like Shri Shakracharya did in India.

-         Their thoughts will be considered as true meanings of Hindutva. i.e. they will be considered spokes persons of Hindu Nation/Religion.


2)      English is a global language. There should be no doubt in any one’s mind when we say, knowing good English increases you chance getting through in different types of interviews dramatically. In present day and time to come, this will remain a bold fact, and we ought to prepare for that. Once we (Sangh) get ready, this will mean that in 10-20 years to come.

-         Thousands of our students will be selected in IIMs/IITs/Govt. Jobs (like IAS, IES etc)/Private Jobs. This means 3 major benefits to us –

a)      More power to Sangh’s ideology as its followers are in top hierarchy of government and private sectors.


b)      More Funds. Example are Alumni of different IITs. Different surveys say that salary differences between equally qualified (non-professional/technical) candidates can be as high as 400 to 500 per cent. In fact, the more fancied jobs in airlines, hotels, media, banks and financial services only to those who know English, the rest are forced into less fancied assignments.


c)      More young blood joining and working for Sangh. As people will get settled sooner in life, there will be more of the young generation joining Sangh than ever before.


d)      Control over media. The English speaking crowd in media is mainly communist. We will get people up in the media to make sure that true news reaches the public, without an anti-Hindu bias.


3)      Penetration in Non-Hindi states. With this type of implementation, we are sure to get deeper access to young generation in non-hindi states like West-Bengal, North-Eastern states, South Indian states and J&K in near future, by opening Vidya Bharti schools there.

 Possible Oppositions: -

The most possible opposition of this move we can visualize is the love of Mother tongue. We have few points to say to those people: -

-         Countries like China/Japan/Germany/France have now realized the importance of English and the workforce who knows English over there are paid higher than their counterparts. China has started massive program to introduce English from the primary school level.

English class at ZhaBei Primary School

-         Students already get much practice of their local tongue because they daily talk/read/write to their friends and family members in their local tongue.

-         There can be different levels of implementation of this plan, in which we may preserve our mother tongue and also give importance to English.


After writing this, all we would say that… let us not ask “Why”, but ask “When” and “How” to make this a success. As far as we can see this is formula of a revolution!


---------------- Note: Content of this blog post is writer's personal opinion and may not be or Sangh's view.


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This is something to know

This is something to know about. I hope they will be successful on this. - Mallory Fleming

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This article has its merit.

This article has its merit. Today speaking English has its advantages. And of course as the famous saying goes "Loha hi lohe ko kat sakta hai". Good wishes to you Vikas and hope these few words you have written here are useful so that a million lives change for a better tomorrow.

Regards Dinesh

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Hi All, Initiative is

Hi All,
Initiative is successful. Sudarshan ji has aceepted the proposal. I will provide more details soon.

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We are Indians before we are

We are Indians before we are Hindus/Muslims/Christians/Sikhs
Missionary schools should be motivated to admit 20 students from the families who have a poor economic background and provide them education free of cost.
To motivate them they may be given some tax benifit but in this nation no child, may he be of any religion/caste/creed, should be deprived of good education just because he is not economically well off.
Rather than giving reservation in jobs on the basis of caste/class, we should concentrate on giving education to each and every child. Because every child will contribute to the fate of this country in coming days.

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Dear Mr. Vikas, I appreciate

Dear Mr. Vikas,

I appreciate your feelings. But I doubt if your plan or suggestions will be successful.

Have you calculated the number of people studied in convent schools who can speak good English? I don't think there would be more than 10-15%. Only 2% Indians can "understand" English not speak.

I did my primary school in Punjabi, secondary in Hindi and I can say that I speak better English than 99% of Indians. I am a successful Psychiatrist in a developed country.

I appreciate your feelings but something should be done at the Govt. level so that this money generated by christians is not misused.

Anyway, our motive is the same!


Dr. Suneer

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Sir I am an Advocate

I am an Advocate practising at Palakkad. I am new to the Parivar and would like to contribute constructevely for the Parivar. I would like to create my own blog. How can I create one?