Dharma Raksha Samithi’s Gokulam Balasadanam

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities of a human being and in a developing country like India, there are still lakhs of people who struggle throughout their life just for the sake of these needs. If these needs are not satisfied in the childhood, then it may lead that child towards the wrong path. This will create a team of criminals that will lead nation towards the path of destruction. Dharma Raksha Samithi’s Gokulam Balasadanam has provided shelter to the children belonging to the underprivileged sections of society so as to pay proper justice to their childhood.

Gokulam Balasadanam was established in the year 1999 by broad-minded and charity oriented people of Kerala’s Malappuram district, with the purpose of supporting children from the poor and neglected sections of the society. Gokulam adopts children and provides them free food, housing and education. A healthy environment based on culture and traditions for the destitute is promoted by Gokulam.
At present, Gokulam has a strength of 25 boys, belonging to the age group of 7 to 15 years. They attend local schools for their formal education. In addition to education, the extra curricular activities include farming, rearing of cows, cooking, spiritual training, etc. Occasional visits by spiritual mentors and important persons in the social and cultural fields greatly help in the personality development of the inmates. They wake up at 5 am and follow a routine that includes morning chanting, meditation, sooryanamaskars , study, house hold services, sangh shakha and bhajans. Special coaching is provided for Yoga along with the training in Art of Living. Tuition facilities are also available for the students who are weak in studies.
Your donation will help to strengthen and expand the work of Gokulam that will improve educational opportunities for children who would otherwise be left behind. Every one rupee that is given is a great help towards this noble work. 
Gokulam Balasadanam
P B No 32
Perinthalmanna, 679321
Malappuram, Kerala, India
Phone no: 04933 220055 
E-mail : Gokulambalasadanam2007@yahoo.com
How to reach
By air: The closest airport is located near Kozhikode, at Karipur and is only 25 km from Malappuram. Taxis can be hired from the airport.
By train: The nearest railway station is located at Angadipuram, which is situated around 17 km from Malappuram. There are a few trains that pass through this station. Auto rickshaws are available at the railway station. The closest major railway station is at Kozhikode which is around 50 km from the place. This is the better option as many trains pass through here. Taxis are available at the station.
By bus: The cheapest option is to travel through KSRTC buses that are available from the main bus terminus at Kozhikode.