the meaning of the word "hindu"

the name hind was given to us by the muslim rulers. the meaning of the word in arabic and persian language is thief, robber, slave etc. neither there was any mentnion of the word hindu in any sanskrit text or vedas nor our ancester had it.

i have a proposal that we will change the name of our country from "india" or "hindustan" to "aryavart". and we will call ourselves "arya" meaning wise.

what do u think about my proposal?

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I have been here in dubai for two and half years. I got surprised when I found muslim arabic ladies in our company have name "Hind". Then I started researching how do muslim girl can have our sanskrit name. I found Hind means actually red deer in arabic and hindu means robber and slave. We hindus did not know about it. When muslim rulers came to our country they were calling us as hindu meaning slave, and we accepted that without knowing the actual meaning. Like wise we have accepted our country name as India because british could not pronounce it. No matter our fore fathers were fool and innocent. Centuries have past, now we know the actual meaning but still we have not realized to change them. Moreover in our country we proudly say we are hindu, and hinduism is oldest religion. If we will analyse we can find, we have accepted everything what other's have given us. Muslim named us Hindu means slave we proudly accepted. English could not pronounce our country name properly, its their problem but we did not even bother and accepted us as Indian. I don't understand why english were calling Bharat as India. Are they really so bad at pronounciation or they do all these intentionally to humiliate us. Why we are much bothered that greeks could not pronounced and british could not pronounced our name properly, if they were not able to pronounce it is definitely their problem not ours. but should we change our names because they can not pronounce it??? We have numerous of examples back in our country how names have been differently pronounced in English. Even though now we are not slave anymore of any muslim rulers or english rulers but we are slave by nature. That is the reason we have not realized for a change so far. I don't think the new generation will realize ever. I realized here in this country why we hindus are hated by all other nationalities. We are not only slaves we are also cowards too.

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could we find any where in vedas about name " hindu" ?

As i heard hindu name is not in anywhere in the vedas,why did we call hindu please give me information abt name hindu

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Word hindu

Most of foolish people say that persian couldn't spell s so they say s as h. And river sindhu was called as hindu and all the people of this continent were called as hindu. Just one question to them-
Why river sindhu is still called as sindhu and not as river hindu???

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Hindi is not an Arabic word.

Hindi is not an Arabic word. The Sindhu river in Persian echo is Hindu,by which it was known and pronounced by Iranians. The Greeks and Roman called it Indus from which India has derived its name. In the legendary cosmography of the Saints, it is called Bharatakhanda, part of Bharatvarsa to the south of Meru( golden mountain)paravat by another account it is Jambudvipa, one of the seven concentric islands comprising the earth. This name of Hindu is derived from Iranians who called the people living in Bharatvarsa as the Hindus. If we study geographical events, we find our religious books correct and our Civilisation the oldest. Hence we did not name our people ,as we were the first people on earth and had civilisation has spread from our Land.

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Br Benarjee. What you have

Br Benarjee.

What you have written is true. The word Hindu is the outcome of wrongly spelt word Sind.As you stated a good word in one language could be an abuse in other language. There are many examples.

Dr K Prabhakar Rao

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..but u r proud to be

..but u r proud to be hindu!!!!

what the meaning of a word in one language, may be different in other language!
for ur information, the name 'hind' has come from 'sind' river as arabis cud not spell 'sind', they spell 's' as sound of 'h' and thus it became hind! and who are staying on the bank of sind, they r called as 'sindu' or in their spelling 'hindu' and to identify the area , they called as 'hind-e-stan', later we change or in practice, it came as 'hindustan'!
they have never called it in religious term but we accepted it as we are slave prone mentality people and that's why invaders had reigned us for 1200 years and it is prevailing today also in name of italian congress!
anyway, there is no 'hindu' word in our sciptures or sacred books!'arya' word is there and what they were following was 'sanatan dharm' or 'eternal religion'! so, we can change it to 'aryaism'in english and in local 'aryavrat'!and instead of 'hindu', we r 'arya' !

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