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The team has already gotten

The team has already gotten thumbs-up from an amazing list of show business experts, such as acting professional Russell Crowe, Coldplay, Mumford and Kids, Wiz Khalifa (they protected his music “Roll Up”), Bieber Timberlake, He Seacrest and Adele. Their edition of her hit “Someone Like You” has had 3 thousand YouTube opinions. Kamagra Australia

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Due to difficulties presented

Due to difficulties presented by the DOJ event planning process, there will not be a 7th National SART Training Conference. Natural Resource investment

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Interact with the viewers

Interact with the viewers during the demonstration instead of supposing and misinterpreting hints. If you think the viewers is captivated – just ask them if you're on monitor. It all comes returning to conversation and marketing. Custom Website Design

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What could be more

What could be more beautifully controlled than this nugget of widsom The control, as proven here, is such an adroit action-word type, don't you think Use instructions often.

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Master Carnwath has

Master Carnwath has recommended legal opinions into significant facilities tasks should be shifted from the Management Assess to a professional ‘land and atmosphere chamber’ of the Higher Tribunal.

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Speaking to the Nationwide

Speaking to the Nationwide Infrastructure Preparing Organization (NIPA) first supper a week ago, Master Carnwath said legal evaluation programs increased over the course of a significant venture could cause “serious disruption” to any schedule. Kamagra

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We the kids of the Hindu

We the kids of the Hindu Country bow to Thee in regard, O Almighty God. We have girded up our loins to bring on Thy perform.

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Allow us such might as no

Allow us such might as no energy on this planet can ever task, such cleanliness of personality as would control the regard of the whole globe and such information as would create simple the thorny direction that we have willingly selected. learn more

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Vaughan appears to be like a

Vaughan appears to be like a man seated on top around the globe as he presents the group and himself. tighten loose skin

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Nursing staff regularly

Nursing staff regularly proper take proper seniors in a variety of settings. As the aging population in America rapidly improves, nurses are not only getting more seniors.

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First Baptist Church in The

First Baptist Church in The the atlanta area area makes in a ahead that the Organization's Diet is a natural technique that functions not only nutrition and exercise, but also actual, emotional and emotional health and the value of living. comment enlever la cellulite

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The famous nationwide

The famous nationwide information organization had to shut solutions in the days of emergency when the organization welcomed the anger of the Government. The agencies solutions have started again in last several years & currently the organization serves the major language press in Indian native. buy instagram followers

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The agencies solutions have

The agencies solutions have started again in last several years & currently the organization serves the major language press in Indian native. zyloslim reviews

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Charles Staley, mature

Charles Staley, mature minister for First Baptist Cathedral in The atlanta area creates in a forward that the Company's Diet is a natural strategy that features not only nourishment and exercise, but also physical, psychological and psychological health and the significance of living in a healthy atmosphere. click for more info

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I feel very grateful that I

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Looking for more such

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सनातन धर्म कीरक्षा

हमारे यहाँ पर हिन्दुओ का बहुत बुरा हाल है न तो कोई जय श्री राम बोलता है और न कोई मानता है यहाँ पर सब है बजरंग दल और विश्व हिन्दू परिसद भी पर सब नकारे है यहाँ रोज पता नहीं कितनी गाये कटे जाते है पर कोई नहीं रोकता कर्पा कर आप सब कुछ सहयेता कीजये
जय श्री राम

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I took great care to frame

I took great care to frame the questions in a spirit of honest wonder, curiosity, appreciation, and gentleness. Commenters responded in kind.
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सनातन धर्म कीरक्षा

हमारे यहाँ पर हिन्दुओ का बहुत बुरा हाल है न तो कोई जय श्री राम बोलता है और न कोई मानता है यहाँ पर सब है बजरंग दल और विश्व हिन्दू परिसद भी पर सब नकारे है यहाँ रोज पता नहीं कितनी गाये कटे जाते है पर कोई नहीं रोकता कर्पा कर आप सब कुछ सहयेता कीजये
जय श्री राम

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I am doing a report on this

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agree with all ..see here

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Gujarat Garvi

Well As To Be An Part Of Yuva Morcha B.J.P What Are We Facing Rite Now Question Like 2002 Carnage - The Cowherd Cant Step Forward & Have An Debate That 2002 Godhra Carnage Was The Begining & When They Were Starting Kicking On Their Buds Then Comes Now The Gujarat 2002 Carnage - Congress Needs Only Sympathy Well Its Like An Daily Soap Drama That Comes On T.V Sets As Sons Talks About Dadi & Papa & well Madam Italy Talks About " Bhagwa Atankwad" Well I Proudly Said Yes I M Part Of RSS & B.J.P no doubt in it ...

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"कायरो की जमात" कांग्रेस

अगर भगवा आतंकवाद है तो क्या स्वामी विवेकानंद आतंकवादी थे ,बताये कांग्रेस जरा ।
अगर आतंकवाद है भगवा तो हम हसी हसी गले लगाने को तयार है ।
लेकिन कायरो की जमात कांग्रेस थी ,है और रहेगी इसको कोई झुठला नही सकता ।।
कभी थे अकेले हुए आज इतने
नही तब डरे तो भला अब डरेंगे
विरोधों के सागर में चट्टान है हम
जो टकराएंगे मौत अपनी मरेंगे
लिया हाथ में ध्वज कभी न झुकेगा
कदम बढ रहा है कभी न रुकेगा
न सूरज के सम्मुख अंधेरा टिकेगा
निडर है सभी हम अमर है सभी हम
के सर पर हमारे वरदहस्त करता
गगन में लहरता है भगवा हमारा॥
-----जय हिन्द ।।

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jii han khud to congreess ka

jii han khud to congreess ka niyantra vidhesi k hath m h aur hinduism ki bt karne walo ko terrerorist kha jata h wo bhi aise desh m jhan dusmnao ko bhi mitr smjha jata h

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Do your girls (or boys) have a fascination with fashion? Then let fashion toys tap into that passion to entertain and educate them (not to mention keep busy while mom is working).

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जय हनुमान, जय नरेन्द्र मोदी

समाचार पत्र में एक समाचार पढ़ा कि कांग्रेस के एक प्रमुख नेता अर्जुन मोढवाडिया ने नरेन्द्र मोदी की तुलना बन्दर से की है। इस पर बीजेपी ने ऐतराज जताया है और चुनाव आयोग में शिकायत करने की बात की है। मेरा मानना है कि भाजपा को अर्जुन मोढवाडिया का धन्यवाद करना चाहिए कि उन्होंने नरेन्द्र मोदी को बन्दर मानकर भाजपा की जीत का रास्ता साफ कर दिया है।भगवान् राम ने रावण को बंदरों की मदद से ही परास्त किया था। हनुमान, सुग्रीव सभी ने मिलकर बलशाली किन्तु अभिमानी रावण का मान मर्दन किया था। अर्जुन मोढवाडिया ने मान लिया लिया है कि वर्तमान कांग्रेस रुपी रावण के दंभ को राम के हनुमान (बन्दर) नरेन्द्र मोदी चूर करेंगे। जय बजरंग बली , जय हनुमान, जय नरेन्द्र मोदी। भाजपा से निवेदन है कि वानर नाम के उपहार से परेशान न हो, यह जीत का संकेत दिया है अर्जुन मोढवाडिया ने। मैं उनका धन्यवाद करता हूँ। गुजरात की जनता को भी उनका धन्यवाद करना चाहिए।

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mistake on this website
sir, above link is on this website under the heading "other online initiatives"....but it directs to the "BAN RSS" page of Facebook....
also this link is being sent in your emails....
please correct the hyperlink...
Best of Luck :)

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Highly descriptive post, I

Highly descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2? Interior Layout

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its easy to say

U r right.
Its not so easy, who wil do that for us(hindu) , i think there should be strong leaders to burn the fire, and open the eyes of all hindus.

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its easy to say

U r right.
Its not so easy, who wil do that for us(hindu) , i think there should be strong leaders to burn the fire, and open the eyes of all hindus.

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i am syamsewak.

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bharshtachar mitao or dharm ki raksha karo.

hindu hone k nate humara ye b kartaya hai hai ki aapne bharat me se bharshtachar ko mitane ki pahal hum sab mil kar kare ...

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माँ भारती की पहचान हम सनातन पुत्र है !!!

माँ भारती की पहचान हम सनातन पुत्र है !!!
माँ भारती की पहचान हम सनातन पुत्र है
भारत में रह कर इस इस देश की भलाई चाहता है वही भारतीय है ...
वन्दे मातरम् से परहेज करने वाले भारतीय नही हैं, ऐसी दोगली नस्ल को यहाँ से मिटाना है ...
जब समय आया तो भारतीय होने का ढोंग और मुल्लागिरी की बात आई तो शाही इमाम जैसा भांड के साथ ...
ऐसी दोगली नीति अब नही चलेगी ...
यहाँ सिर्फ़ सनातन/हिंदू, माँ के लाल, जंग शुरू हो चुकी है ....
कोई मुल्ला ऐसा है, जो पाकिस्तान/मुल्ला आतंक के खिलाफ बोलता है ????
पनाह लेनें के लिए भारत और बात ना+पाकिस्तान की ...
दोगली नीति नही, सिर्फ़ माँ भारती और इनके सम्मान के रक्षकों का भारत !
जब भांड इमाम दिल्ली से कहता है कि "वन्दे मातरम् मत ! जय भारत !" मत कहो, ऐसा करने वालों का समर्थन मत करो, कोई आम या खास मुल्ला फ़तवा जारी करता है ???
मानूँगा उस मुल्ले को, ऐसा करने वालों इस भांड इमाम या अन्य किसी भी मुल्ले के मूँह पे थुकेगा/तमाचा मरेगा ...
फिरकापरस्ती नही चलेगी !!!
हमारे पूर्वजों नें हज़ारों वर्षों से इस भारत देश को एवम् सनातन संस्कृति को संभाल कर रखा है, अब तथाकथित धर्मनिरपेक्षता के लिए हम इसे और संकट में नही डाल सकते है |
जो देश धर्मनिरपेक्ष नही है वहाँ क्या होता है, अमेरिका, इंग्लैंड इत्यादि में ???
वैसे हीं, भारत में होगा, राजधर्म सनातन/हिंदुत्व, तथाकथित धर्मनिरपेक्षता नही !!!
अन्य जीव, लिमिटेशन के साथ भारत में जियेंगे, नही तो गाँधी, जिन्ना नें इनके लिए ना+पाकिस्तान बनाया है ...
इन मुल्लों की मर्ज़ी है कि हिंदुत्व को समाप्त कर यहाँ भी मुल्लाकारण कर दिया जाए, तो क्या हम करने देंगे ???
अब इनकी अम्मी, खाला इत्यादि एक नही कर देंगे (क्षमा चाहूँगा गंदे शब्दों के लिए)
परंतु अब तथाकथित धर्मनिरपेक्षता बर्दाश्त नही होती, ये सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ मुल्लों के तुष्टिकरण के लिए बना शब्द है !!!
हम सनातनी/हिंदू जाग चुके हैं ......................
जय सनातन/हिंदुत्व !!!
जय माँ भारती !!!

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Why i joined RSS

Indians in general and Hindus in purticular are under a grip of materialism.

Hindu girls fall in love with Muslims and readily convert to Islam.Even Hindu boys readily convert to islam if they have to marry Muslim girls . However we cannot hear about the reverse.

Even though it is love and personal thing ,it speaks about state of Hinduism in the country.

I was of opinion is Islam is a stronger religion.

However I started reading Swami Vivekananda litereture and the below quotes inspired me

1) Faith faith faith in ourselves; faith faith in God is secret of greatness...

2) I have never quoted anything but the Upanishads and of Upanishads that only one idea STRENGTH...

I want to be with STRONG people hence i joined RSS.

dwivedivinay.2008's picture


rss needs to be more organised, as i want to be involved , but i dont have time

Shoorsaini89's picture


Dear Mr. Vinay,
There is always time in our life for everything, it is just the priority which matters...

surajcap's picture

Should BJP leaders stop talk to anti-Hindu NDTV, IBN, Times Now?

So that only Zee News, India TV, News X & Star News get our feeds - in this way we can divide the hardcore anti-BJP channels from moderate ones and isolate them - afterall, people want views of both sides and when our men will not visit the anti-BJP TVs they will sink!
1) Now is a great opportunity provided by Jammu and Kashmir Congress today strongly defending its leader and health Minister Sham Lal Sharma over his controversial 'azadi for Kashmir' remarks and described him as a "bold voice" of the party in state cabinet
2) Let, BJP nationalize this issue and say
a) Azaadi for Muslim majority Kashmir Valley only if all Indian Muslims are transferred there
b) Freedom for Christian majority Nagaland only if all Indian Christians are shifted there by Central Govt
c) Merger of Kargil, Ladakh & Anantnag districts with Jammu to save Buddhist & Shia minorities & also to resettle ousted Kashmiri Hindus or Pandits in Anantnag district. Capital of this new state better renamed "Kashmir" only be separated from wholly Muslim "North Kashmir" which may be another Indian state - that, will also limit Jihadism to northern Kashmir only sparing Kargil, Ladakh, Anantnag and Hindus of Jammu region from Muslim atrocities!

70-80 aspirant & Divisions be made states in India - This will enhance nationalism and decrease of regional power - good, for diverse India beside protecting culture and language of even smaller regions.

China is Greatest Threat so demand their Regions having our Kailash, Manasarowar and Rakshas Tal in Burang County (Taklakot) & Zanda County bordering India which will also counter their demands in Ladakh & Arunachal Pradesh.
They seem to have provisionally accepted Sikkim as Indian Territory though claim other twos but, if they again claim Sikkim we must counter with Chumbi Valley
Beside, BJP must include following in Manifesto to win 2014 polls:
1) Granting Indian Citizenship to all refugees from Islamic Bangladesh & Pakistan to India for eternity and expel by force of all 5 crore and growing illegal Bangladeshi Muslims to no-man's land (as Bangladesh Govt never accepts them) along with concrete border walls everywhere
2) Facilitating an autonomous Hindu Tamil state in northeast within federal Buddhist Srilanka
3) Rehabilitation of all 1,70,000 Hindu refugees ousted by Buddhist supremacist Bhutan from its south back there
4) Help in proclaiming Mauritius & Nepal as Democratic Hindu Republics
5) Massive infrastructure development specially on irrigation, roads & electricity in Maoist belts of central India
6) Ban on all types of conversions
7) Strong Laws like POTA against Jihadis
8) Claim Hindu majority southeast Sindh, if Pakistan claims Kashmir
9) Ram Mandir building
10) Exposing atrocities against Hindu saints to save pedophile Bishops & Jihadi Maulavis!

Massive reconversions needed by VHP-RSS-BJP to protect Hinduism universally and specially the Indian Hindus -
1) It is however not easy so follow Dr. Pravin Bhai Togadiya's prescription of organising Hindu Youth Groups in each locality round the globe wherever Hindus are present and collect a fistful of grains & 1 buck per week from each Hindu family above poverty line to be distributed among Hindus below poverty line targetted by Missionarries & Jihadis and also to poor Christians & Muslims who can be reconverted
2) Massive propaganda in this respect using all means of mass media, internet, article & story writing in journals, etc. BJP also can't win without uniting Hindu votebank!
Hindus of South India, Kashmir, Central and East India suffering from various problems like illegal Bangladeshi Jihadi settlers voting Sickulars, Maoist-Missionary Insurgency and following without addressing which Hindus can't be revamped

sara111's picture

Candor employment agencies

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Modi ji our next PM

Let Mr Narendra Modi become our next PM, then he should pass some good bills in favour of hindus. I hope we will rise again. Jai Bharat. Jago Hindu Jago!!!

g2nath's picture

lets unite

Is it possible.
*very important message*
where will we run now. Plz suggest us (HINDU BANGALI of NORTH-EAST INDIA)
earlier India gave EAST BENGAL to Pakistan and makeus run from there, and again the Government is saying BANGLADESHI.
(Bahut na insafi huwa ham logo k sat)

Pewneet's picture

Even Star News is Anti-BJP. I

Even Star News is Anti-BJP. I watched so much of mud-slinging campaign on Ramdev that I have almost stopped watching CNN-IBN. Yes BJP should boycott these channel and this is the opportune time to bring out paper against these channel together with C.D. of their talk shows and news where they are openly doing propaganda. I also know few incidences.

hemant jadhav's picture

Anti Hindu TV news Channels in India

Why RSS and other Hindu organisations do not start thier own news channels to encounter prapogonda of so called secular and anti-hindu TV news channals.?

Samit Kumar's picture

Ayodhyas karti hai

Ayodhyas karti hai aahwan
Thath se kar mandir nirman
Shila ki jagah laga de pran
Bitha waha Ram bhagwan

Jai Sri Ram

swapnil shrinivas patil's picture



jay hind............... jay

jay hind...............
jay hindu..........................
work for hindu dharma..................

sanjay3332's picture

I love Bharat Desh and who

I love Bharat Desh and who ever give sport the Bharat Mata. I am with them. Only one Rastriya Bhavana encourage me to join RSS.

I wish that I will never see that some people is trying to cut their Mata's Body. I would like to see the SARDAR VALLABHBHAI's one and only one Bharat

I am proud to be Bhartiya.

lokesh546's picture

I love to Join RSS

I love to Join RSS