KERALA NGO SANGH is working among the government servants in kerala. It is the only organaisation in this field to develop our national thoughts.The 29th state SAMMELANAM of this organisation will be held on 7,8 and 9th December 2007 at KOLLAM in kerala. KOTTAYAM DISTRICT CONFRENCE ON 26th and 27th OCTOBER 2007 at BMS KARYALAYAM KOTTAYAM.

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Government Employees Strike commenced 08 Jan 2013

NGO Sangh seemed to got in to the traps of NGO Union without doing proper homework.NGO Union could some how saved their face though the withdrawl is a total surrender.The speeches over heard from the FETO state committee meetings during the strike period, the absence of a matured leader was felt. Though the futile exercise helped some of the media crazy leaders could air their faces in the public and newspaper but lost their faces within the members.The state committee was seen aimless during the strike period and was strugling to get a call from anybody from the Governmental side to end the strike.The state committee members other than NGO Sangh was in a panic state.It is not clear, whether the new and inexperienced state leaders sought advice from the matured,experienced and dedicated elders like CH Sureshji(Kasargode),TM Narayanji, Kumarettan etc. Please do a openout discussion and review about the strike and brief the poor and helpless followers - Jai NGO Sangh.