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Athmano Mokshartham, Jagath Hithayacha

The historic time has arrived again. The golden opportunity to project the greatest icon of modern day Hinduism- Swami Vievekananda - and his ideals in to the limelight. January 12th 2013, is Swami Vivekanada's 150th birth anniversary. From the perception of an ordinary man, there is nothing special about this. And even for ordinary fans of Swamiji, they might wonder what is so special about the 150th birth anniversary, compared to 148th or 149th ?

Varun Gandhi writes to Gadkari on Quota Bill


Following is the letter which Shri Varun Gandhi (Member  of Parliament) has written to Shri Nitin Gadkari, President, Bharatiya Janata Party, asking for review of the Party position on reservation of Promotion Bill in the Parliament.

Respected Adhyakshji,

$img_titleAs someone who is sensitive and committed to social equality and the concerns of India, I believe you would be the correct person to understand my concerns about the reservation of Promotion Bill brought into Parliament.

Huge turn out at Modi swearing-in shows his clout, acceptability

From Saroj Sharma in Gandhinagar

modiIT was a coronation fit for the country’s tallest leader. Amidst lusty roars of “PM,PM — desh ka neta kaisa ho, Narendra Modi jaisa ho” from supporters and karyakartas of the BJP, the Gujarat Chief Minister was sworn in for his fourth consecutive term as the elected head of the country’s most developed and industrialized state on Dec 26.



Enact, enforce stern laws rather than death sentence for rapists—Didi Ma

By starting Vatsalya Gram at Vrindavan, where abandoned infants, destitute women and old age people have been brought together forming a ‘family unit’, Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara has revolutionised the concept of a family. Today, over 700 such children, women or older people live there tied in different relations. She was recently in Delhi. Organiser senior correspondent Pramod Kumar spoke to her on different issues. She feels that death sentence to rapists will be nothing but liberation for them and they should be punished with sterner punishment if could be than it. She said permanent solution to such problems is to impart good samskars and values to the young generations. Excerpts: 

The most evolved democracy- Bharat: Dr Pravin Togadia


WORLD’S most populated democracy Bharat is now the world’s most evolved democracy. Voting turnout at most elections in Bharat show it clearly. Recent State elections show an  upwardly trend in voter turnout with decisive minds. Goa: 81 per cent, Himachal Pradesh: 75 per cent, Gujarat: 78 per cent, Uttarakhand: 70 per cent. Even Uttar Pradesh voted high this time with 60 per cent. Uttarakhand had rains and landslides going on during polls. Himachal had snow. Yet voters came out and exercised their right to express their choice.


Maharashtra as Bad as Delhi in Police Ineptitude and Conviction in Crimes against Women: Aditya Pradhan


EVEN as we have reports of President’s son Jangipur Abhijit Mukherjee having made sexist comments that it is fashionable for ‘dented-painted women (sic)’ to attend protest march, there was another gang rape of a 41-year-old woman in Delhi on Wednesday night which added to the surging anger around the country. It is undeniable that a corrupt, arrogant and ineffective government at the Centre only made it difficult to assuage the feelings of millions of Indians in smaller towns and villages. State chief ministers like Prithivraj Chavan (Maharashtra) meanwhile made valiant efforts to introduce new laws and regulations to stop the rape-every-three-minute record in the country.