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The story of Ram Janmabhoomi

Indian response to Chinese arrogance inadequate

Tarun Vijay

Commenting on the Chinese refusal to receive Lt. Gen. B.S.Jaswal, Shri Tarun Vijay, national spokesperson of the BJP and MP (Rajya Sabha) said the response of the Indian Government should have been more stringent and adequate. He said an abrasive attitude towards Indian sensitivities and helping India’s enemies has become a hall mark of China’s India policy while carrying on trade and commerce activities which are heavily in its favour.

Only Jain temple in Valley destroyed

Hemali Chhapia & Mansi Choksi | TNN 

Mumbai: Two years ago,a family from Mumbai built a temple in the lap of snow-capped mountains miles away in Srinagar.
The derasar (temple),carved out of teak,decked with marigolds and installed with three idols of Jain tirthankars,was set up for the thousands of Jains who streamed into the volatile region every holiday season.
But last Saturday,the only Jain temple in the Kashmir Valley was burnt down by a mob.

“Independence is a responsibility”- Mohanji Bhagwat

RSS Sarasanghachalak hoists national flag at Bangalore today morning August 15-2010

1. Mohanji Bhagwat hoisting the NATIONAL FLAG at Bengaluru  today 15.8.201.jpg

Ladhakh Flash floods - RSS relief updates and appeal

Ladhakh Aapdha Sahayata Samiti (LASS) appeals the people to donate for Leh victims.

Violence by another name

By Sunita Vakil

Criminal history of Sohrabbuddin

Teesta's "secular petty criminal" was no innocent lad!
Sohrabbuddin was not an ordinary criminal as projected by the petitioner in the alleged encounter case. Sohrabuddin had spread his tentacles in four states viz. Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP and Maharashtra. He was working in tandem with mafia dons like late Abdul Latif and Daud Ibrahim. With the active support of Dawood Ibrahim, Rasul Parti, and Mammumiya Panjumia, he was continuously smuggling in dangerous weapons and other contraband from Pakistan.

Why Hindutva for the Modern world

We are living in a world of fast communication, instant gratification, innovative technology and materialism. People also are searching for instant fame, wealth and happiness. We are also living in an era of analysis where our thoughts, writings, times and personalities are instantly analyzed, criticized and thrown out.
There is a plethora of advice books that give us solutions for common human problems and to find instant happiness by overcoming miserable emotional problems. Some people are still trying to promote medieval tyrannical political dogmas for finding eternal solutions.

Organiser/ Panchajanya - door delivery at Bangalore

Organiser/ Panchajanya are  one of the oldest and most widely circulated weeklies from the capital,first hit the stands in 1947, a few weeks before Partition, edited and enriched by eminent persolanities like A.R.Nair, K.R Malkani, L.K Advani, V.P.Bhatia, Seshadri Chari and now R.Balashankar.

Guruji Golwalkar once said: " For clear, straight forward, impartial views on subjects of national and international importance and for imbibing unadulterated patriotism, it is useful to read ORGANISER. It will fulfill the expectations for correct gudidance in all current affairs."

It is not surprising that the ORGANISER is often quoted in Parliament, a host of national journals and is widely read in UK, USA, Canada and 54 other countries of the world.