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Sangh(RSS) Seva Work & Latest Flood Relief.

Coverage of Seva works which also include latest Flood Relief in two states Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh

by RSS and Seva Bharati.

Flood relief : Appeal


Rivers overflowing: Tungabhadra, bhima, krishna

Mahaboobnagar Dist

Tanks / Ponds that have bunds cut off: 222

Villages Affected : 41

Effected Mandals: 8

Aiza, Vaddepalli, Manavapadu, Alampur, Pebberu, Gadwal (Rural), Gattu, Kollapur

Affected Agricultura land: 8,184 acres

No Of Volunteers involved: 170

Food Distribution: 3 Quintals (2000 Packets)

Water packets: 1500

Kurnool District:

Affected Data

Seva Bharathi Chenchu Residential School Opens up for Flood Victims

The Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam, Gokavaram has now become a relief camp for 320 Flood victims of the surrounding villages and the numbers are growing. The Back waters of Krishna are inundating the surrounding villages. The Villagers are looking for any help and It is Seva Bharathi as usual that is catering to their Hunger and helplessness. Voluinteers of Seva bHarathi working for Chenchu Tribals have been serving the local villagers with food, blankets and medicines.
The School Bhakta Kannppa gurukulam has 62 children all Chenchu boys and has been working in the surrounding villages as well as Chenchu pentas (hamlets) in Medical aid through a Mobile dispensary ansd Hospital as well as the Residential school. For the past decade the school has been the focal point and nucleus for awareness in the chenchus as well as local villagers.

Shopian tragedy: The tale gets murkier

J&K is a case study of how partisan and sectarian conclusions are drawn to fuel anti-India sentiments. 
By Sunita Vakil 

Balagokulam makes an impact

'Balagokulam’, a Sangh affiliated organisation of children, celebratedKrishna Jayanti on Ashtami Rohini, September 11, 2009. Named‘Gitamritham 5011’, the highlights of the celebrations this year were‘Goupuja’, ‘Vrikshapuja’, ‘Nadhi-puja’ in 5,000 different corners ofthe State in which lakhs participated.

On 12th evening cultural pageantry comprising of a largenumber of children dressed as Krishna, gopa, gopis, kuchelas, Pandavasand elephants along with traditional Kerala musical instruments, wereorganised in almost 500 centres in the State. A large number ofparents, well-wishers and devotees participated in the cultural rallysinging Hare Rama Hare Krishna and both sides of the road were packedwith viewers. A welcome change from the usual political sloganshouting.

Join GOW-GRAM YATRA : 108-Day 1 Million 20 thousand kms. Cross-Country Marathon starts rolling on Sept 30, 2009 from Kurukshetra

Vishwa Mangal Gow-Gram Yatra

(World Welfare Cow-Village Cross-Country Marathon)

A Historic Movement for

National and Global Holistic Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Blessedness


(1) The world must appreciate that the pro-Cow movement is not anti-anybody but a rational and respectable movement from every standpoint.


Don't beat a dead horse

By Sushil Vakil 

It seems India is still depending upon the US to help the country fight terrorism. The recent visit of Home Minister P Chidambaram to US to have  a first-hand experience of how its financial city is protected by security agencies from terrorist attacks is a clear indication. Though home minister P Chidambaram had been invited by the US to have in-depth discussions to find ways of how New Delhi and Washington could cooperate more to combat terrorism yet the Washington officials used the opportunity to convey their own concerns, one being India's over indulgence in Afghanistan.  Keeping in view Washington's partisan role India must stop running to US since its officials are not going to reveal anything new other than what India knows already. As a matter of fact US is  looking after its interests only and we have to take care of us.


Package for a price

By Sushil Vakil 
After much dilly-dallying the Jammu and Kashmir government has   announced  the implementation of a special package for the Kashmiri Pandits living in exile for the last two decades. As a matter of fact, the  relief and rehabilitation package was first  unveiled by Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh himself when he visited the state last year.  However, Mr Abdul Rahim Rather, Finance Minister  informed the state Assembly last month that the government will provide 15,000 jobs in public and private sector, and financial package of Rs 7.5 lakhs for renovation and reconstruction of houses to Kashmiri Pandits who are willing to return to valley. So far, all was well but the condition-after return to valley- has raised many eye brows and attracted  all round criticism.

The great austerity drama

will the austerity drive adopted by the UPA Government truly inspire its politicians and bureaucrats to curb the menace of corruption rampant in all Government departments and increase accountability of those in authority?