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Savages stalk the national capital Under Manmohan, nobody except the VVIPs are safe: Article by Abhimanyu


OVER the last ten days, the national Capital witnessed unprecedented protests against a government, which apparently delinked itself from the aam aadmi and displayed a complete lack of sensitivity. On December 16, the nation was shocked when a 23-year-old paramedical student, who was travelling with her male friend, was brutally raped in a  moving bus by a gang of six savages in South Delhi. Around 9 pm, she boarded a private  bus thinking it would take her to her home in Dwarka. What happened in the next 40 minutes surpassed all possible norms of cruelty and savagery.


kise bharat ke pm ke liye bjp ko aage lana chahiye?????

narendra modi
91% (10533 votes)
sushma swaraj
3% (401 votes)
nitin gadkari
1% (69 votes)
murli manohar joshi
1% (61 votes)
lk advani
3% (304 votes)
shivraj singh chauhan
2% (268 votes)
Total votes: 11636

‘Pakistan should stay away from Ayodhya issue, its a matter of Hindu Faith’: VHP Chief Dr Togadia

New Delhi, December 15, 2012: Reacting strongly on Pakistan Home Minister Rehman Malik equating 9/11 NY Jehadi attack, 26/11 Mumbai attack & 1992 Babri demolition, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “Ayodhya existed even before Rehman Malik’s majhab was born; he has no right to say anything related to it. It is not only Bharat’s internal matter but also & an issue of Hindu faith. Any interference by Pak or any other nation or any other religion in it will never be tolerated.”

RSS functionary Ram Madhav slams MEA-HM on poor handling of Pakistan Minister’s comments

New Delhi December 15, 2012: RSS top functionary Ram Madhav has slammed both Ministry of External Affairs and Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shindhe on poor interaction with Pakistan Minister Rahman Mallik, who yesterday made unnecessary comments on India’s internal matters including Babri demolition issue.

‘Ban Chinese products in India’: Swadeshi Jagaran Manch Chief Kashmiri Lal demands Central Govt

Slamming the poor socio-economic policies and strategies of major political parties on FDI, Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM)  has decided to launch nation-wide campaign on FDI and related issues.

Gujarat has shown, HINDU also collectively can be a Vote Bank !

With development politics and equal treatment, Modiji has become so popular to all Hindus that they r unequivocally voting for Modiji, seems like a vote bank which is binding congress to field less Muslim candidate this year! remember, this year congress fielded only 7 Muslim candidates compared to last previous elections which went up to 17 Muslim candidates while BJP fielded none as BJP and Congress both have understood very well that Hindu vote bank can now outnumber Muslim vote bank, if they field Muslim candidate!

Hindus, learn from Gujarat, congress will be bound to stop Muslim appeasement and it may turn into Hindus favor if Hindus r maximum voting to outnumber Muslim vote bank!

if rest of India, Hindus go Gujarat way, it is not so far that , in next every election, congress will minimize their Muslim candidate which will diminish Muslim political importance what is on rising now and a worrying factor of Hindus!

We need a new strategic culture : Ram Madhav

India has earned the sobriquet  of a‘Soft State’ due to its handling of terrorism and hostile neighbours over the years. After the hanging of Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist responsible for Mumbai attacks in 2008, some commentators opined that India has now shed the image of a Soft State. Is it true?