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Congress Corruption theatrics, Gen 2

Seeing the Congress’ reaction to the charges of corruption in 2G reminds one of the Bollywood film No one Killed Jessica. A murder took place but no one killed her. Everyone knows there was huge corruption but according to the Congress, no one stole money.

Congress Cash Transfer Hoax Walmartism gone Berserk : Dr R Balashankar

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, at last, seems to have mastered the art of growing money on trees. If his idea of transferring Rs. 4 lakh crore annually to ensure a Congress return in the 2014 election is taken seriously there is no other sensible explanation. Reports are that he is going to soon address the nation to canvass support for this obnoxious political extravaganza. Can the tax payers’ money be so brazenly misused for bribing the voter to ensure a win for the Congress? Doesn’t it qualify for an election malpractice petition?

VHP Chief Dr Togadia: Hindus in Bharat will not Tolerate ‘Babur’ Styled atrocities in Pakistan

Karnavati (Ahmedabad), December 3, 2012: Over 100 years old Bhagwan Shriram Temple in Pakistan was razed to ground along with over 40 houses of Hindus around it. In Sindh province of Pakistan, Hindus had approached the court against the builder’s efforts to demolish the Shriram Temple & the court had granted stay. Yet the builder in connivance of Govt officials demolished the temple & Hindu houses looting precious ancient jewelry of the temple. Hindus have protested in front of Karachi Press Club.


Face the challenges with courage —Mohan Bhagwat


"THE nation is facing different socio-cultural, socio-political challenges. The issues like national security, economic crisis, border infiltration are a serious challenge before the nation. We have to face all these challenges to ensure national security and integrity,” said RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, while addressing the three-day North Karnataka Prant Karyakarta Samavesha held at Jamakhandi, a semi urban Taluk in North Karnataka, on November 18.

Clash between Islam and Christian West by S Gurumurthy

The theological and political interpretation of Islam and Christianity by Guruji decades ago is now manifesting in geo-political and intellectual  debate in the world. Guruji had termed the theology of Islam and Christianity which claimed exclusive power to grant salvation as “absurd” and said that it led to intolerance. (1) He had also said that the spread of Islam and Christianity was because of political power and political power would never solve problems. (2) The two faiths which had had common origin and converging theological foundation was always in conflict, waging over 120 wars in 1300 years – almost a war a decade. (3) Why? The conflict has more to do with political tensions and divergent cultural world views than with religion, according to one view. (4) Even this perspective ignores the fact that idolators and pagans as common enemies could not unite Christianity and Islam.

The Ochre Robes, the Big Beads, the Penetrating Looks Gone Forever Balasaheb Thackeray did politics differently and made a difference

FOR the millions who turned up at Shivaji Park and the streets of Mumbai to pay homage to Bal Thackeray, it was a moment of personal loss. Of bidding adieu to someone who held his or her hand in moments of doubt, crisis and joy. That Bal Thackeray meant so much to so many millions is the biggest tribute that can be paid to any mortal.

Govt only wanted to prove CAG wrong? by Abhimanyu

IT was not unexpected that the the failure of the 2G auction would bring cheers to the  UPA government and the Congress. Both pounced at the opportunity  to claim that the Comptroller & Auditor General’s (CAG) report on 2G spectrum was “wrong” and the  government stand was vindicated.

Cronyism at work in the 2G auction fraud: Was 2G Spectrum auction manipulated? by Aditya Pradhan


HAS the government deliberately tried to rig the 2G spectrum auction and make it a flop show? There is serious accusation against the government with its cloak and dagger games played in grounding the spectrum auction. Soon after the expected results of the latest round of spectrum auction Union ministers made a beeline towards the lectern to ‘expose’ the CAG estimation of loss in the first round and also undermine the process set by the Supreme Court. This was a re-auction ordered by the Supreme Court after the latter had quashed the earlier process.