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Damage wrought by sub-nationalism in India by MV Kamath

THE greatest single crime committed by our elders in the past has been the creation of linguistic states, even if it was done in good faith, it is just as bad, if not worse, than the acceptance of Partition by the Congress Party of  another era. It has been dividing Indians, turning one linguistic group against another. 

Nuclear Energy: Fear of the Unknown: writes Jayakumar

Certain moments in history can describe the whole period; to an extent the future as well. On July 30 and 31, 2012, half the population of India went without power. People were stranded on the streets, traffic turned to chaos, trains stood motionless on the tracks, miners trapped underground, subway lines paralysed. The power blackout was the largest in the history, affecting 670 million people, roughly 10 per cent of the world population. It was really an embarrassing reminder of the intractable problems plaguing our power sector, and the shape of things to come, if the status quo prevails.

‘Kasab’s Execution: We Need a New Strategic Culture’; writes RSS functionary Ram Madhav


India has earned the sobriquet ‘Soft State’ due to its handling of terrorism and hostile neighbours over the years. After the hanging of Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist responsible for Mumbai attacks in 2008, some commentators opined that India has now shed the image of a Soft State. Is it true?

Kasab Hanged; When Afzal & other Jehadis?: Asks VHP Chief Dr Togadia

Ajmal Aamir Kasab, a convict of November 26, 2008 Jehadi attack on Mumbai has been hanged to death today morning. Giving credit of such an accurate & speedy trial & punishment to Mumbai Police & especially to Advocate Ujjwal Nikam, Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President of VHP said, “Hanging Kasab is a welcome beginning for war on terror that the Indian PM promises only on the foreign soils but back in Bharat, gets Hindus arrested & jailed. There is a long way to go in war against Jehadi Terror.

The Government Gag on Social Media and the Growing Un-suppressed Discontent


The recent gagging of the people’s voice via social media last week will forever be registered as a move that has exposed one of the most inefficient machineries of India. It has shown how serious core issues like terror threats and national security are closeted conveniently.

Let the Opposition do its homework, UPA is out on its own misdeeds : Article by Dr Jay Dubashi


$img_titleI often wonder why we Indians rarely, or perhaps never, rise against our useless and corrupt rulers, like, for instance, the Arabs did or have been doing against their dictators all these months. We never rose, as a nation, against the Moghuls, and though we did manage to shake up the British in 1857, things soon reverted to normal, and life proceeded as before for almost another century.

With adversaries like the ones it has Congress doesn't need too many friends: Article by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay


$img_titleIt is exactly a quarter of a century since the summer of 1987 when major changes began taking place in Indian politics. The events which were kickI started on April 16, 1987 with Swedish Radio's claims that AB Bofors paid kickbacks to top Indian politicians and key defence officials to secure the Howitzer deal, began a process that heralded the political demise of the Congress government headed by Rajiv Gandhi. Within just two years, by the middle of 1989, it was clear that the Congress regime was going through the motions of somehow completing the last lap.

Emergence of extra-constitutional power centre: The bane of UPA : Article by Jagdeep Dhankhar


The nation is at the crossroads and agitated. The confidence of  the severely  suffering aam aadmi is shaken as never before.  The last eight years of UPA regime have been indeed a traumatic experience for the entire  nation and more so for the aam aadmi. While UPA-II  indicates a celebratory mood on completion of  its  three years in office,   the nation is apparently in mourning. The current tenure of the UPA-II has become synonymous with  mega scams, corruption,  unprecedented price rise and apathy for theaam aadmi.

Decline, degradation and dissipation of the PM : Article by TVR Shenoy

Dr Manmohan Singh assumed office as Prime Minister on May 22, 2004. When he hoists the flag over the Red Fort this year he shall have been in office — give or take the odd hour — for eight years, two months, three weeks, and three days. That is just short of ninety-nine months, close to one hundred.