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Unjustified Petrol price hike : How the UPA got it wrong again?

The Central Government announced an unprecedented hike of 7½ rupees in petrol prices with effect from May 24, 2012. The government could not have chosen a better time to announce the fuel price hike: A birthday gift for the aam aadmi on the completion of three years of UPA-II. When a government compounds bad economics with worse politics, it isn’t very difficult to predict what might happen over the next few days. The Central Government will direct states to cut taxes on petrol. Congress-ruled states will readily agree to the proposal. States ruled by the opposition parties will resist the proposal. The Congress will go to town proclaiming itself as the most genuine defender of the common man. Allies of the Congress will blow hot and cold but to no avail.




Politicians are generally critical of media persons. It is, however, rare that media men themselves ridicule their own fraternity for indulging in political criticism not because it is justified but because even while realizing that the criticism is uninformed and superficial, the write ups do add up to “lazy copy”.

MGNREGA becomes a symbol of corruption: Article by Rajeev Sharma


The UPA government’s flagship scheme Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) has run into a serious trouble of corruption, poor implementation and under-utilisation of funds, as a result of which Union Rural Development Minister has drastically slashed down the annual budget for the scheme from Rs 40000 crore to Rs 30000 crore per annum and threatened to reduce it further if the States do not put their act together,  sources told this correspondent on May 15.

PFI claims it is 'peaceful, democratic' :PFI REJOINDER AND OUR REPLY


Sir, This letter is in response to the defamatory news published against Popular Front of India in page no. 7 of Organiser Weekly dated  March 18, 2012 titled as ‘PFI/NDF prime suspects in Delhi blast’. We strongly condemn the allegations levelled against  the Popular Front.

Weak regime takes to vilification of stalwarts by Shivaji Sarkar


The system of governance is getting more and more baised on vindictiveness, pettiness and the official machineries are being used to harass and malign political opponents. Else why the tallest among Indian leaders Shri LK Advani, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi or the best Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, lauded by the Time magazine, be dragged by CBI for crimes they have never committed.

Sonia's Christian only politics damaging Congress


It seems the UPA government is determined that any institutions it touches, it will besmirch the image and bring down its prestige by a few notches. The chief reason for this is the choice of persons it makes for heading the institutions. The latest is the controversy regarding an extended term for Leela Samson as Director, Kalakshetra. She has been heading it since 2005.

Nation ignores 'The Prince among patriots' on his birthday

Savarkar was born on 28th May 1883 at Bhagoor, a small village near Nasik (Maharashtra). He gave his everything i.e his life, intellect, courage, talent, education, his entire family to the service of his motherland ‘Bharata Mata’. He suffered his entire life for the sake of his motherland, while ‘political pigmies’ enjoyed power and pelf.       
The following is a brief account of his life. He passed away on 26th February 1966.