Photo of RSS at India Day Parade in 1963

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh India Day Parade

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3500 Strong Contigent of Swayamsevaks in uniform, with Band, forming a colorful part of the Republic Day Parade, Delhi 1963.

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Ok I dont agree that India

Ok I dont agree that India will be better than america in the next 10 years no way, we arent even a democracy as yet, (pseudo democracy) as i call it. It is just that we want to say that as a feel good factor. More than half of the country is uneducated, reproducing like street dogs,China is the next world power, accept it or not.I love my country and wish that we could follow the foot steps of Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yognanada and other such maharishi, bus as per what I have seen in my so called friend circle, swami ramdev is hated,swami vivekananda, is treated like any other person in history. Unfortunately a nation that was focused on the inner well being has now become a focus for most of the Rapes of the world, thievery, indians are known more for fraud than being in NASA. and dont hide by this, we still dont know how to treat women. We say arabs are crazy with women, trust me i am living with arabs now a days, they love their women, no wonder where the words Habibi and Hayati come from. We have to accept the fact that our country at this point of time sucks in everything and no one but us can do anything to get it on the top again. I am an Indian, Most of the times i am proud to say that but many a times i feel disgusted by the fact. I love my country I just dont love our fake assumptions about ourselves.


Asato Ma sat gamayo
Tamaso ma Jyotir gamayo
Mrytyo ma Amritam gamayo
Ommm Shanti, shanti shanti.

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Sangh ko chahiye ki wo samaj

Sangh ko chahiye ki wo samaj me apni shakha ke madhyam se niymit roop se koi sewa karya kare jaise Jal prabandhan, Mal prabandhan, Pashu sewa, Rakta Kosh ya Vrikshropan jaise karya hamari chabi ko bhashan se adhik, karya thatha uski pariniti tak le ja sakte hai.

Vertman me ek aam admi ki samne yahi sabse badi chunotiya hai, kya sangathan ke pramukh is bare apne swayamsevko ko koi nirdesh dena chahenge???




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है तो कुछ

है तो कुछ पुरानी बात लेकिन मै यहाँ जानना चाहता हु कि क्या जब उत्तर परदेश और बिहार के व्यक्तियों पर मुंबई में दुर्वयवहार हो रहा था तो संघ के द्वारा कोई प्रक्रिया की गई प्रतिक्रिया उत्तर दे

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BHARAT MATA KI JAY. नमस्ते सदा वत्सले मातृभूमे| त्वया हुन्दुभुमे सुखं वर्धितोहम|

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india will became the most

india will became the most powerful unity bigger than america after ten yeares

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India's most powerful unity

India's most powerful unity is Sangh It's a real very powerful unity i am impress it & all of the hindu join it fasty & go the more poweful hindustan & world.come & join it.

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Its like Inner national army

Its like Inner national army

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i am proved about my self as

i am proved about my self as a Swayamsevak.this is the right way to serve the nation.