Sangh Parivar is the only guarantee of the life of Indian Civilizational Values

Comment by Man Singh here Sangh Parivar's clarion call of unity of all religions of Indian origin is the only guarantee of the long life of Indian civilisational values. Communism ,Islam and Christianity are the most intolerant and fanatic ideologies on the earth and each of them wants to gobble up rest of the civilizations from this earth. All conflicts all around the globe are rooted in this fight of these three for dominance. These three ideologies are the enemy number 1 of pluralism all over the world, not only in India. Let's open our eyes, mind, and not be moved by emotions. Indian civilization is under attack with a combined force of these three foreign ideologies and every right thinking Indian has to do the needful to protect it. RSS is one alternative how to deal with these attackers. Gandhi tried but failed and we lost 3 million lives, billions of property 28% of land and 12% of our people in 1947. I am surprised how educated Indians can be so blind about safety issues when we put security system on our house; we lock the cars and still keep all our valuables in locker in bank. Why we are ready to leave our civilization wealth open for loot by this international gang of Muslims, Christians and communists? RSS stands for defense of Indian civilization from attacks of these most intolerant ideologies. Yes, India stands for pluralism, secularism and democracy since Vedic times. India stands for humanism since ancient times. India never divided humanity based on way of worship. But today when gangs who do not believe in pluralism, humanism or democratic values are attacking India, defensive measures are very much required. Politicians under greed of votes are not ready to side with truth. Journalists and NGO's sold out to these enemy gangs are running away from their responsibilities. Sangh single handedly is busy in doing exactly what Guru Govind Singh and Shivaji did in medieval periods. Of course Sikhs were branded communal and terrorists by Mughals only because they resisted the tyranny and attack of Dharma by Muslim fanatic rulers. The same is being done by Sangh today. Gang of Muslims, Christians and communists are attacking Indian civilization through media, films, newspapers, nasty publications, wrongful propaganda and everyway, which is visible from their websites. Sangh is giving one alternative how to counteract these gangs. Let's welcome any other alternative available to protect our pluralism, tolerance and secularism other then sangh methods. Please come up with alternatives. Evangelism of Christians, jehadism of Islam and everything in communism is direct attack on Indian civilization. Is there any better way to protect my house from attacks by international gangs supported by economic, political, and military might of 166 Christian countries, 66 Muslim countries and 4 communist countries? These gangs do not hide their intentions; they openly tell what they are involved in why they do charity why they open hospitals schools or NGO's. It is we who are not ready to see the truth. Plurasim cannot sustain by supporting those who are engaged in killing pluralism. Pluralism will sustain only if we support those who are engaged in protecting pluralism. Of course when villagers are fighting with dacoits, both sound to be killers. But villagers are killing to protect themselves while dacoits are killing to kill and terrorize. This vivek has to be created to understand the situation. Sangh is acting like villagers beating out the attacking dacoits though it is job of police. But police as usual comes into picture when damage has already been done. The mentality that demanded division of country is still prevailing in India. Communists supported the demand of jehadis to divide motherland. Gandhi’s submissive policy gave them oxygen and we saw death of 3 million Hindus Muslims and Sikhs. Humanity suffered my friends. Even today, same thing is happening in the name of pluralism. We are trying to support enemies of pluralism in the name of pluralism. We are attacking supporters of pluralism only to support ideologies that do not recognize pluralism. What an irony?