Shameful leadership: Manmohan Singh acts as a goodwill ambassador and a spokesperson of China and Pakistan !!

"our govrnment does not share the view that China will attack India" - Mr.PM made a statement in loksabha on 14th december, saying that he had been assured by "highest level" Chinese official on "maintaining peace and tranquility with India"

Is this the signal of India being deceived again? Will the Nehruvian blunder be repeated? Will China, instead of backstabbing, take on India head on head - nose to nose?

Albeit receiving caution signals from army officials, the political leadership of the country is astonishingly and irresponsibly indifferent towards the issue.

Let us see what the army men and the PM will have to say: October 5,2011 "around 4000 Chinese including the troops of people's liberation army of China are in POK" -Gen VK Singh

....there are also certain construction working teams available in large numbers, he pointed.

"increasing presence of China in POK warrants India's attention" cautioned IAF Chief NAK Browne. Army officials reported that - last year there were reports of 11000 chinese troops in J&K's Gilgit-Baltistan held by Pakistan as a part of flood relief operations.

Selig s. Harrison writes in Newyork Times - "a quite geo-political crisis is unfolding in Himalayan borderlands of Northern Pakistan, where the de facto control of the region is being handed over by Islamabad to Bejing"

so the Chinese intention is visibly, palpably and clearly known to the world, but does the Indian leadership is courageous enough to call a spade-a-spade, is a million dollar question. Instead, our leaders are thinking of abolishing AFSPA, and our macho PM says on Nov 10,2011 at the saarc summit in Maldives - "i always believed that Gilani is a man of peace".

Answering a question on maoist threats he says, in 2006, it is the single biggest internal security problem faced by India, and on the same issue, in 2009, he said, "india has lost war on naxalism".

Such mediocre and a submissive leadership cannot protect the lives of 1.2 billion Indians !!

India doesn't deserve this. As the saying goes "if a person deceives me once shame on him, if twice shame on me". Let not the Nehruvian blunder be repeated again.