VHP Asks to Central Govt to apologise to Dr Ambedkar on religion based reservation

Vishwa Hindu Parishat demanded a must apology from Union Government & a few state Govts  to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar for Giving reservations to Muslims & Christians,  Snatching from Scheduled Castes.

Hyderabad April 14, 2012:  On the occasion of 121st birth anniversary Dr BR Ambedkar, VHP’S International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia garlanded Dr Ambedkar’s statue in Hyderabad and demanded immediate apology from the Government for insulting Dr Ambedkar.

Dr Togadia said, “Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar kept a positive provision for reservations for Scheduled castes in the constitution to help them come off a long social suppression, poverty & halted progress. With his bright vision, he also opposed religion-based reservations in various meetings & debates while the constitution was being made. He knew well that any move or provision for religion based reservations will take Bharat to the extreme point of no return to real development & social unity. His opposing to creation ofPakistan was also based on the same thought process, which was led by the greatest dream for united Bharat’s progress.”

“However, bending before Muslims & Christians for votes, Union Govt & a few state govts are snatching reservations & thereby Roti, Education, Jobs, Loans, Land etc from the Scheduled Castes (& also OBCs & Tribes) to be showered on Muslims & Christians. This cruel action is not only anti constitutional & unjust towards the real needy but also absolutely insulting to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar & his vision for Bharat. VHP demands that Union Govt & the state Govts that have in any form given reservations to Muslims & Christians either by snatching from the Scheduled Castes (OBCs & Tribes as well) or otherwise, apologize to Dr Ambedkar, all the Scheduled Castes, OBCs & Tribes & also to all others in Bharat & also immediately withdraw all reservations given or promised to Muslims & Christians.”

Source: http://samvada.org/2012/news-digest/apologise-to-dr-ambedkar-vhp-asks-to...

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In my opinion Christians and

In my opinion Christians and Muslims should not be fight. As long as they are not opposing its belief to each others creator, then we will leave peacefully . Government should not give an apology if they did not step the rights of the beliefs of every religion, and if it does so why not give an apology, apology is not that much heavy or not that costly to give. nupo

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I did like your article, thanks for sharing it. I will bookmark it and come back laterkids watches

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In my opinion whatever what

In my opinion whatever what religion we must share or what we make ways for the other people we give love for them no matter what they are we are not animals we are people, I remember what dr. hauschka said that share your blessings to everyone, I really glad that there's person like him at this time I also remember how big help to me with his nupo to my health.

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what a farce- apology???

means if those traitors offered apology, reservation on religion based is accepted and all r happenening in dialouge only as rouge congress is doing! u r no different from them! u may not be doing those reservation but have u ever come on the ground to object any type of reservation! reservation itself a discrimination to others! equal right and equal oppurtunity r two different thing, provide equal right to participate and rest shud be decided on talent! otherwise, merit is degraded and india will hardly be able to keep the meritituous candidate, they r being fled to abroad, we r making the disbalance to the society, if ever the oppression taken place, why we r repeating to ourselves now, why we r not rectifying it to equality, every citizen shud be treated equally in secular democratic country!
but u r just silent with objection to reservation to muslims/christians, why dont object to 'reservation' itself, the ambedkar whom u r now a days advocating, he was the main culprit of 80% problem now in india, due to this reservation, our whole social and political culture have been changed , now everybody is doing vote bank politics, so, if reservation is there, it shud be delivered to all religion but on sc , st category , not by religion basis! my point here is, why apology to ambedkar, if ambedkar were alive now, he wud have also thought for same vote bank, the person who had kept his dogs name with his foster father name and left hinduism(which all dalits r now following), is not a man of respect, he deserve respect from oppurtunist only, this man was responsible for all our social and political imbalance now in india!
raise ur voice for abolishing all reservation(school or service), only economic stipend/apprentice can be given to poor student and reservation to handicap! dont be just walky talky everytime like MMS, do something practically!